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e-Learning and Action Research as Transformative Practice

Innovate: Journal of Online Education Volume 5, Number 1, ISSN 1552-3233


As a reflective practitioner of higher education, Margaret Farren seeks to contribute to a knowledge base of professional practice by using a "living educational theory" form of action research in her approach to teaching and learning. She focuses her research on the Masters program in e-learning at Dublin City University where professional educators from a variety of private and public institutions seek to transform their pedagogy and their students' learning experiences through the application of the latest interactive technology. In this article, Farren demonstrates how an action-research approach to pedagogy that includes a commitment to both a "web of betweenness" and "living educational theory" can provide opportunities for educators to inquire into their educational influences, establish living standards of judgment, and take responsibility for their own learning. (Contains 13 exhibits.)


Farren, M. (2008). e-Learning and Action Research as Transformative Practice. Innovate: Journal of Online Education, 5(1),. Retrieved May 20, 2019 from .