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Design of the Network-Based Hypermedia Learning Environment

, , IXMICRO, United States ; , , University of Minnesota, United States

IJET Volume 4, Number 2, ISSN 1077-9124 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


An effective network-based learning environment provides synchronous and asynchronous education to learners who are physically remote from or opt to telecommute to the base location of instruction. The environment provides content creation, user registration, course material storage, multiple delivery means, and end-user viewing tools. An intriguing aspect of the environment is how to model a lecture in terms of pre-, in-, and post-class information. We regard a lecture model collectively as an activity consisting of three elements: lecture materials, lecture presentation, and lecture interaction. These elements have their semantic meanings and relationships. The lecture model deserves a formal specification to describe its behavior and a structural representation in the hypermedia repository to organize the presentation information so that it can be truthfully reproduced in an asynchronous learning environment. We derive the synchronization specification for the media objects and define Strong-Weak Networked Hyperlink (SWNH) to represent the lecture structure and inter-/intramedia object reference in the distributed network environment. The specification and representation exhibit an object-oriented modular design, which is simple, but powerful enough, to aid on policy decisions such as prefetching, caching, and versioning control. The presentation of the lecture embodies both the event-driven and timeline-based presentation synchronization where the browsing and authoring tools developed earlier fit right into the learning environment, for example, FLexible Interactive Presentation Synchronization (FLIPS) and Hyper QuickTime (HQT) by the authors, or are immediately available through other providers, such as Web browsers.


Lee, Y.J., Lee, H.J., Ma, W.h. & Du, D.H.C. (1998). Design of the Network-Based Hypermedia Learning Environment. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 4(2), 197-218. Charlottesville, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .



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