Data, exports & standards

We're passionate about information and web standards, as well as making our information as easy to access and use as possible.

Data formats available

In order to enable libraries and other institutions to have access to information about our holdings that they can use in their own systems, we provide information about our resources in the following formats:


An OAI-PMH feed of selected abstracts (published by AACE/SITE/Global U only) is available here:

It follow the standards of OAI-PMH and responds to filters by date or set (list of our OAI-PMH data set groupings). 


A listing of all of our full-text holdings in tab-delimited KBART format are availble for download. These files should be considered current/up-to-date:

The links above include only content exclusive to the LearnTechLib database. If you would like all records, including journals/proceedings of content partners or for which we may not have complete holdings, please use the links below:

Citation & citation exports

LearnTechLib uses current APA style for citing each record. Table of contents listings, abstracts, and collections can all be exported into citation formats readable by various software programs. Formats we currently support are:

  • BibTex
  • Reference Works
  • EndNote

Many citation manager programs can import works in one or more of these formats. If you would like to request an additional format be added to our export formats, please contact or use our feedback form.


LearnTechLib strives to adhere to and adopt widely-used and relevant standards to improve the experience and usefulness of the website and its content. The website implements, partially or fully, the following standards.

Web standards

  • Accesibility: we follow guidelines laid out by WCAG and Section 508, partially. Some media content, such as slides, video, audio, etc. is not available in alternate formats for the hearing/visually impaired. All text content should be navigable by screen readers or other accesibility tools, and our full-text files are provided in a PDF format which should be accessible.

Archive & Library Standards

  • OpenURL: our OpenURL resolver is located at (or for short). It can resolve most simple queries for journal articles or conference proceedings. We also implement COinS.
  • Structured Data: we use a combination of microformats and other metadata-embedding standards to embed structured data into the website.