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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology

July 2009 Volume 8, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. A Mobile Technology Framework for the Dissemination of Cultural Memory

    Stavros Kammas

    The current research proposes a mobile technology framework in cultural heritage setting for the dissemination of cultural memory among its visitors. The framework studies the complex concept of... More

    pp. 6-13

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  2. Determining Difficulty of Questions in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

    Korhan Gunel & Rifat Asliyan

    The object of this study is to model the level of a question difficulty by a differential equation at a pre-specified domain knowledge, to be used in an educational support system. For this purpose... More

    pp. 14-21

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  3. Developing a Software for Fuzzy Group Decision Support System: A Case Study

    A Fevzi Baba, Dincer Kuscu & Kerem Han

    The complex nature and uncertain information in social problems required the emergence of fuzzy decision support systems in social areas. In this paper, we developed user-friendly Fuzzy Group... More

    pp. 22-29

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  4. Evaluating English Language Teaching Software for Kids: Education or Entertainment or Both?

    Zekeriya Kazanci & Zuhal Okan

    The purpose of this study is to offer a critical consideration of instructional software designed particularly for children. Since the early 1990s computer applications integrating education with... More

    pp. 30-38

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  5. Photograph Usage in History Education

    Bulent Akbaba

    In this study, the effect of photograph usage in history education to the students' achievement was tried to be identified. In the study which was done with a pre-test post-test control group... More

    pp. 39-47

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  6. Role of Mobile Technology in Promoting Campus-Wide Learning Environment

    Irshad Hussain & Muhammad Aslam Adeeb

    The present study examines the role of mobile technology in promoting campus-wide learning environment. Its main objectives were to a) evaluate the role of mobile technology in higher education in ... More

    pp. 48-56

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