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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology

2005 Volume 4, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Teacher-Student Interactions in Distance Learning

    Serdal Terzi & Abdurrahman Çelik

    Rapidly developing distance learning models which are connected to development of Internet Technology, has brought a lot of easiness for both students and teachers. There are three considerable... More

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  2. User Satisfaction Evaluation of an Educational Website

    Goknur Kaplan Akilli

    This study focuses on one particular aspect of usability, namely, user satisfaction, for an educational website used as a supportive tool for various courses by employing only one specific... More

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  3. Developing a Technology Attitude Scale for Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers

    Soner Yavuz

    Technological tools, which meet the needs of the society, have become more addictive for people with the rapid development of technology. These tools have also been used in the field of education... More

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  4. Toward an Effective Integration of Technology: Message Boards for Strengthening Communication

    Arif Altun

    This paper reports on preliminary findings from a longitudinal study on the integration of multimedia and the internet technologies into language teaching. Phase I of the study included novice... More

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  5. An Alternative Approach to Logo-Based Geometry

    Erol Karakirik & Soner Durmus

    Geometry is an important branch of mathematics. Geometry curriculum can be enriched by using different Technologies such as graphing calculators and computers. Logo-based different software... More

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  6. Understanding Faculty Adoption of Technology Using the Learning/Adoption Trajectory Model: A Qualitative Case Study

    Ismail Sahin

    Using a technology adoption model, the Learning/Adoption Trajectory model, and this study aimed to identify the technology adoption level of a faculty member, Mary. In addition, I examined how Mary... More

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  7. Recommendations towards Developing Educational Standards to Improve Science Education in Turkey

    Ömer Faruk Keser

    Obtaining technological and scientific knowledge process change incredibly and rapidly in today's society as individuals continuously must construct and reconstruct their expertise in a process of ... More

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  8. Parent's Views on Internet Use

    H. Ferhan Odabasi

    Children's effective use of Internet relies heavily on the factors surrounding them, thus parents' views and attitudes are crucial for elementary children's productive use of Internet. Besides,... More

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