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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology

2016 Volume 15, Number 2

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Attitudes of Turkish EFL Student Teachers towards Technology Use

    Esra Harmandaoglu Baz

    The hot debate of integrating technology into instruction has captured the interest of the world in the context of 21st century education. A considerable amount of effort has been presented in... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. Cross-Cultural Comparison of Teachers' Views upon Integration and Use of Technology in Classroom

    Fethi Kayalar

    The purpose of the study is to compare teachers' views upon integration and use of technology in classroom. To make cross-cultural comparison of teachers' views, we interviewed with nine teachers... More

    pp. 11-19

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  3. Development of Digital Instruction for Environment for Global Warming Alleviation

    Chuleewan Praneetham & Kongsak Thathong

    Technological education and instruction are widely used in the present education trend. Using of digital instruction for environmental subject can encourage students in learning and raise their... More

    pp. 20-24

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  4. E-Learning of Andalusian University's Lecturers. Gender

    Rosalía Romero Tena, Julio Cabero Almenara & Julio Barroso Osuna

    This study forms part of the research project: "Use of eLearning in Andalusian Universities: current status and analysis of good practice". Our research focuses on two fundamental areas: ... More

    pp. 25-37

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  5. Effectiveness of the Computer and Internet Literacy Project in Public High Schools of Tarlac Province, Philippines

    Arnold R. Lorenzo

    Evaluation is important to gauge the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of any activity. This study evaluated the iSchools Project implemented in the Public High Schools of Tarlac Province,... More

    pp. 38-46

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  6. E-Learning Capability Maturity Level in Kingdom of Bahrain

    Jaflah Al-Ammary, Zainab Mohammed & Fatima Omran

    Despite the effectiveness of using e-learning, educational institutions are still facing many challenges with the e-learning infrastructure and technical aspects, practices and capabilities, and... More

    pp. 47-60

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  7. Music Software in the Technology Integrated Music Education

    Sevan Nart

    The role of the teacher has changed as the traditional education methods, techniques and applications have left its place to the student-centered methods, techniques and applications along with the... More

    pp. 78-84

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  8. Review of the Technology-Utilization Level of String Instrument Teachers

    Didem Döger & Ilgim Kiliç

    The purpose of this study is to determine the technology-utilization level of Fine Arts High School string instrument teachers. A pattern based on descriptive method has been used to conduct the... More

    pp. 85-96

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  9. Supportive Learning: Linear Learning and Collaborative Learning

    Bih Ni Lee, Sopiah Abdullah & Su Na Kiu

    This is a conceptual paper which is trying to look at the educational technology is not limited to high technology. However, electronic educational technology, also known as e-learning, has become ... More

    pp. 97-105

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  10. The Effect of Blended Learning and Social Media-Supported Learning on the Students' Attitude and Self-Directed Learning Skills in Science Education

    Devrim Akgunduz & Orhan Akinoglu

    The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of blended learning and social media supported learning on the students' attitude and self-directed learning skills in Science Education.... More

    pp. 106-115

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  11. The Influences of Technical Support, Self Efficacy and Instructional Design on the Usage and Acceptance of LMS: A Comprehensive Review

    Hammad Alshammari, Mohamad Bilal Ali & Mohd Shafie Rosli

    Innovation, globalization and the rapid expansion of technologies are the current trend now, which lead to the use of latest technologies in several different sectors, including education sector... More

    pp. 116-125

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  12. Using Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning in American Literature Courses

    Raghad Dwaik, Abdulmuti Jweiless & Salah Shrouf

    This study taps the English learners' interest in and attitudes toward the use of technology in English literature classes. It also investigates the influence of integrating the blended learning... More

    pp. 126-137

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