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Nebraska Library Association Annual Meeting

May 1997

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 5

  1. InfoQuest: Information Delivery at UNL

    Debra Pearson, Brian Zillig & Sharon Lewandowski

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Libraries designed and implemented a fast and efficient method of transferring materials between and among the UNL campuses for users of the UNL Libraries. ... More

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  2. Shrinking Budgets and Changing Formats: Journal Use Studies and Comparisons of Journal Indexing Databases

    Elaine Nowick, Anita Breckbill & Mary Cassner

    As serials budgets shrink, serial prices increase, and journal titles continue to proliferate, libraries are challenged to better assess and fulfill users' information needs. Changing formats... More

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  3. Building a Library Intranet

    Marc Davis & Janice Boyer

    "Intranets"--web sites written and used internally by organizations--are being developed as a means of enhancing communication, improving productivity, and reducing costs. The University Library at... More

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  4. Empower Cataloging Staff with New Technology

    Ming Jian

    Advances in computers and information technology have created huge potentials for cataloging staff to increase efficiency and accuracy, reorganize the work force, change the workflow, streamline... More

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  5. Libraries as Partners in Distance Education

    Kate Adams & Carla Rosenquist-Buhler

    Recent technological advances and administrative planning have significantly improved the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) ability to provide continuing education courses to students at a... More

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