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National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting

Apr 29, 2000

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Number of papers: 5

  1. Converting Equations and Graphs into Real Motion with Web-Based Interactive Activities

    Cheng-Chih Chien

    The physics learning problem that students usually regard equations and other symbols in physics as algebraic exercises rather than representations of real world phenomena is commonly known. This... More

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  2. "Reasoner's Workbench" Program Supports Students' Individual and Collaborative Argumentation

    Christine L. Diehl

    This research evaluates the effectiveness of computer-mediated support for students' individual and collaborative argumentation. "Convince Me" is a "reasoner's workbench" program that aids students... More

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  3. Engaging Women in Inquiry and Discourse: The Pedagogy of an Elementary Science Education Web Course

    Kathleen S. Davis

    Despite recent science education reform efforts, researchers continue to report the under-representation of females in science professions and coursework. As concerned educators, organizations, and... More

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  4. Computer Supported Collaborative Physics Learning: Developing Understanding of Image Formation by Lenses

    Ping-Kee Tao

    This article reports the use of a computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) instruction designed to help students develop understanding of image formation by lenses. The study aims to... More

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  5. Promoting Conceptual Understanding of Chemical Representations: Students' Use of a Visualization Tool in the Classroom

    Hsin-kai Wu, Joseph S. Krajcik & Elliot Soloway

    This study investigated how students develop their understanding of chemical representations with the aid of a visualizing tool, eChem, that allows them to build molecular models and simultaneously... More

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