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National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting

Mar 21, 1997

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 5

  1. The Effects of Cooperative Learning in a Second-Semester University Computer Science Course

    Roger Priebe

    This study compared the content comprehension and logical reasoning ability in two groups of second-semester university computer science students. The control group (n=25) received instruction in a... More

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  2. Evaluating Computer Lab Modules for Large Biology Courses

    David C. Eichinger

    This paper describes the first phase of a study to investigate students' evaluations of computer laboratory modules in a university-level, non-majors biology course. The National Science Foundation... More

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  3. An Investigation of the Use of the World Wide Web for On-line Inquiry in a Science Classroom

    David J. Lyons

    Research on student use of digital resources identifies the challenges associated with utilizing the World Wide Web (WWW) while involved in on-line inquiry activities in the science classroom. On... More

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  4. Conceptual Change in Science through Collaborative Learning at the Computer

    Ping-Kee Tao & Richard F. Gunstone

    This paper describes a study of whether and how collaborative learning at the computer fosters conceptual change. A suite of computer simulation programs developed to confront students' alternative... More

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  5. Meeting the Challenge of Professional Development: Design and Evaluation of a Telecommunications Mediated Course in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

    Dana L. Zeidler & John F. LeBaron

    In response to the challenge for reform in science education, a new graduate course entitled "Advances in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education" was initiated at the University of... More

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