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Machine-Mediated Learning

1989 Volume 3, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Apprenticeship Training in the Workplace: Computer-Coached Practice Environment as a New Form of Apprenticeship

    Susanne P. Lajoie & Alan Lesgold

    Discussion of cognitive apprenticeships highlights a computer-based coached practice environment called SHERLOCK that was developed for Air Force technicians. Training for complex skills is... More

    pp. 7-28

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  2. Intelligent Conduct of Fire Trainer: Intelligent Technology Applied to Simulator-Based Training

    Denis Newman

    Describes an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that demonstrates how intelligent feedback can enhance conventional simulation-based training. An explanation is given of the Intelligent Conduct of... More

    pp. 29-39

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  3. Automated Tutoring in Interactive Environments: A Task-Centered Approach

    Ursula Wolz

    Discusses tutoring and consulting functions in interactive computer environments. Tutoring strategies are considered, the expert model and the user model are described, and GENIE (Generated... More

    pp. 53-79

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  4. Semantically Constrained Exploration and Heuristic Guidance

    Henry Hamburger & Akhtar Lodgher

    Presents 2 complementary techniques for promoting success in computer-based exploration environments for arithmetic instruction. Semantic constraints are explained, heuristic guidance is discussed,... More

    pp. 81-105

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