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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

1999 Volume 7, Number 4


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. TEECH Lessons Learned: Strategies for Facilitating Communication in Teacher Enhancement

    Joni Falk, Jack Lochhead, Gloria Jacobs, Bridget Mooney & Brian Drayton, TERC, United States

    Teacher Enhancement Electronic Communications Hall (TEECH) is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), to promote collaboration, and communication among Principal Investigators (PIs) of... More

    pp. 271-278

  2. Using Portfolios in Educational Technology Courses

    James D. Russell & Cheryl Butcher, Purdue University, United States

    This article describes the evolution of student evaluations. Traditionally a major, if not the sole, method of student evaluation was a paper-and-pencil test. In the past some instructors assigned ... More

    pp. 279-289

  3. Producing Video-Cases That Enhance Instruction

    Liz Stephens & Judy Leavell, Southwest Texas State University, United States; Rhonda Buford & Margaret Hill, University of Houston—Clear Lake, United States; Marta Fabris, University of Houston, United States

    Research on video-case methodology in teacher education indicates that preservice teachers benefit from the opportunity to collectively view and critique methods of teaching. This collaborative... More

    pp. 291-301

  4. Technology in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Teachers for the Future

    Mark G. Gillingham, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States; Andrew Topper, Michigan State University, United States

    Faculty and administrators in teacher preparation programs face the dilemma of preparing teachers for an unknown, but increasingly technological classroom. We present four possible solutions to the... More

    pp. 303-321

  5. Technology for Preservice Teachers: “Driver Education” for the Information Superhighway

    Jean Anne Hattler, Chatham College, United States

    The rapid advances in technology present challenges to collegiate departments of education in their preservice-teacher coursework. Specifically, in this paper, the use of the Internet's World Wide ... More

    pp. 323-332

  6. Preparing Technically Competent Student Teachers: A Three Year Study of Interventions and Experiences

    Janice M. Stuhlmann, Louisiana State University, United States; Harriet G. Taylor, National Science Foundation, United States

    Although most universities are training preservice teachers to use technology, information on how student teachers incorporate technology into their teaching practices is sparse. This article... More

    pp. 333-350

  7. The Technology Competencies Database: Computer Support for Assessment, Teaching, and Portfolio Management

    Michael Waugh, State University of West Georgia, United States; James Levin & James Buell, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States

    The teacher education programs at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign have no single, foundational course in instructional technologies. Rather, we work with our instructors to infuse... More

    pp. 351-363