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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

July 2012 Volume 20, Number 3


Richard Hartshorne

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Examining Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Practice within and across Multimodal Writing Environments

    Sara Kajder & Kelly Parkes, Virginia Tech, United States

    Teacher educators examined preservice student teachers’ weekly reflective weblog and videolog journal posts for instances of reflective practice. Data was collected over ten weeks, offering the... More

    pp. 229-249

  2. A Triarchic Model for Teaching “Introduction to Special Education”: Case Studies, Content Acquisition Podcasts, and Effective Feedback

    Michael Kennedy, University of Virginia, United States; Jennier Newton, James Madison University, United States; Shana Haines & Chriss Walther-Thomas, University of Kansas, United States; Ryan Kellems, University of Oregon, United States

    Those who teach introductory level courses in special education to preservice teacher candidates often face a paradox in terms of whether to use limited instructional time to either focus on... More

    pp. 251-275

  3. Time After Time Online: An Extended Study of Virtual Coaching During Distant Clinical Practice

    Marcia Rock, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, United States; Madeleine Gregg, University of Alabama, United States; Robert Gable, Old Dominion University, United States; Naomi Zigmond, University of Alabama, United States; Brooke Blanks, Radford University, United States; Pamela Howard, University of Alabama, United States; Lyndal Bullock, University of North Texas, United States

    For the past decade, general and special teacher education faculties have incorporated technology-mediated online learning and distance education coursework into preparation programs with relative ... More

    pp. 277-304

  4. The Performance of Reflection: A Grounded Analysis of Prospective Teachers’ ePortfolios

    Michael Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States; Katrina Liu, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, United States

    This paper reports on a grounded theory analysis of prospective teachers’ online reflections in an ePortfolio system as part of a university-based teacher preparation program requirement. Results... More

    pp. 305-330

  5. Professional learning during a one-to-one laptop innovation

    Phillip Alexander Towndrow & Fareed Wan, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    Many consider one-to-one laptop computing empowering and exciting but this type of educational equipping also raises questions about how teachers can develop and learn professionally to meet... More

    pp. 331-355