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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

March 2008 Volume 16, Number 2


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. An Exploratory Study of Digital Video Editing as a Tool for Teacher Preparation

    Brendan Calandra, Rachel Gurvitch & Jacalyn Lund, Georgia State University, United States

    The authors' purpose was to examine teacher candidates' perspectives of successful teaching through personalized video vignettes. Furthermore, the authors were interested in how participants'... More

    pp. 137-153

  2. Interaction in Online Courses for Teacher Education: Subject Matter and Pedagogy

    Raven McCrory & Ralph Putnam, Michigan State University, United States; Amanda Jansen, University of Delaware, United States

    This article explores results from a research project studying teacher learning and faculty teaching in two online courses for teachers in a master's degree program. We focus on the interactions... More

    pp. 155-180

  3. Determining the Impact of Online Practicum Facilitation for Inservice Teachers

    Timothy Frey, Kansas State University, United States

    This study investigated the impact of a project-based graduate practicum experience that was facilitated online. The study investigated the effects of the online practicum experience by: (a) using ... More

    pp. 181-210

  4. Fostering Critical Engagement in Preservice Teachers: Incorporating Weblogs Into Multicultural Education

    Beth Wassell & Corey Crouch, Rowan University, United States

    In this article we describe the use of a weblog (blog) project that was incorporated into an undergraduate preservice teacher education course that addressed diversity and multicultural education. ... More

    pp. 211-232

  5. Teachers’ Views on Factors Affecting Effective Integration of Information Technology in the Classroom: Developmental Scenery

    Tamar Levin, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Rivka Wadmany, Teachers College of Technology, Israel

    This article reports on an exploratory, longitudinal study, which examined six teachers' views on the factors that affect technology use in classrooms. The research examined teachers of grades 4, 5... More

    pp. 233-263