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Journal of STEM Education

Jul 31, 2007 Volume 8, Number 1

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  3. A Comparison of Instructor-Led vs. Web-based Training for Detecting Deception

    Janna Crews, Jinwei Cao, Ming Lin, Jay Nunamaker & Judee Burgoon

    Research has long recognized that many biases and shortcomings of humans severely limit their ability to accurately detect deception, and this may lead to great risks in government or military... More

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  6. The Near-Term Outsourcing of Traditional BS Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Graduate Employment in the United States

    Rodney Handy, R. French, Christine Corum & Monica Rodriguez

    This paper presents the findings of a study involving the trends of BS Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) graduates in employment that would be easily outsourced to offshore entities in the... More

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  9. A Framework for Technical Skills Development

    Annette Burden & John George

    In recent years it has become increasingly clear that many students who desired to matriculate into Engineering Technology programs at Youngstown State University (YSU) lacked the necessary... More

  10. Assessment of Student Understanding of Program Outcomes in Machine Design Course

    Raghu Echempati

    This paper is concerned with students? assessment of Program Outcomes (PO?s) of an example Machine Design course that the author taught in three different terms in the last three years. In this... More

  11. An Understanding of the Improved Grades, Retention and Graduation Rates of STEM Majors at the Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS) Program of Bowling Green State University (BGSU)

    T. Gilmer

    The Bowling Green State University Academic Investment in Math and Science (BGSU AIMS) program was founded in 2001. This 4-year undergraduate program has grown from one class with 10 inaugural... More

  12. Animation and Visualization Tools: From Undergraduate Projects to Pedagogical Aids

    David Russomanno & J. Goodwin

    Animation and visualization tools are being designed, implemented, and maintained primarily by undergraduate students at The University of Memphis as part of an interdisciplinary data visualization... More