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Journal of STEM Education

Aug 14, 2018 Volume 19, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Thank you, reviewers!

    P.K. Raju

    Thank you to our reviewers of 2017-2018! More

  2. STEM Educators, How Diverse Disciplines Teach

    Anne Lucietto, Liza Russell & Emily Schott

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is well known throughout the academe. Several studies have been done focusing on various aspects of the students, who they are, how they... More

  3. Implementation of STEM Policy: A Case Study of a STEM-Focused Urban Charter School

    Mustafa Icel

    This case study explores policy implementation of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-focused charter school policy over three-year period. The expert institution studied,... More

  4. Using Mid-Semester Evaluations for Increasing Success of STEM Students: A Case-Study

    Stephanie Ivey & Alistair Windsor

    Increasing persistence and graduation of post-secondary STEM students is a topic of significant focus and research, as are strategies for identifying barriers to success and intervening to bridge... More

  5. Mentorship, mindset and learning strategies: an integrative approach to increasing underrepresented minority student retention in a STEM undergraduate program

    Anneke Lisberg & Brett Woods

    Nearly one half of students planning to earn a STEM degree either change majors or leave college without a degree. The completion percentage is much lower for underrepresented minorities, of whom... More

  6. STEM Teachers’ Preparedness for English Language Learners

    Keith Besterman, Thomas Williams & Jeremy Ernst

    The growth of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the K-12 education system has sparked discussions regarding STEM teachers\u2019 ability to meet the needs of these learners. STEM teachers have... More

  7. Utilizing Multivariate Analysis for Assessing Student Learning Through Effective College-Industry Partnerships

    Caleb Burns, Shweta Chopra & Mack Shelley

    There is no doubt that college-industry collaboration is vital towards the success of undergraduate students in engineering and technology major. This provides students with an opportunity to... More

  8. Increasing Teacher Awareness of STEM Careers

    J. Knowles, Todd Kelley & Jeff Holland

    Teacher awareness of STEM careers impacts students as they consider career choices. Researchers examined the effects of teacher professional development and lesson implementation in integrated... More