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Journal of Special Education Technology

1988 Volume 9, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. The Effects of CAI and Time Delay: A Systematic Program for Teaching Spelling

    Patricia G. Kinney

    The study describes a computer-assisted instruction program that implemented a constant time delay procedure to teach the spelling of 15 state names to a sixth grader with a history of spelling... More

    pp. 61-72

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  2. Conducting Curriculum-Based Measurement with Computerized Data Collection: Effects on Efficiency and Teacher Satisfaction

    Lynn S. Fuchs

    The study assessed the efficiency of and teacher satisfaction with collection of student performance data by computers. The 20 special education teachers spent less time in measurement and... More

    pp. 73-86

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  3. Technology and Transformation: A Naturalistic Study of Special Students and Computers in the Middle School

    Catherine Cobb Morocco & Judith M. Zorfass

    The article describes the three-year Education Development Center/Technical Education Research Center Middle School Technology Integration Project which is investigating how technology is... More

    pp. 88-97

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  4. Technological Innovation in the Context of Special Education Systems: A Qualitative and Structured Research Approach

    Tom V. Hanley

    A multimethod (both quantitative and qualitative) investigation of the integration of computer-assisted instruction into the curriculum for mildly handicapped high school students is being... More

    pp. 98-108

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  5. The Integration of Technology in the Curriculum

    Marion V. Panyan

    The article describes a three-year research project to develop an applications model to successfully integrate technology in the instruction of mild and moderately handicapped elementary grade... More

    pp. 109-19

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