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Journal of Special Education Technology

1978 Volume 1, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Media Materials Center for the Severely Handicapped

    Bernadette Menhusen

    Described is the Media Materials Center for the Severely Handicapped (George Peabody College for Teachers) and outlined are five of the first year's objectives and how they are being met. (BD) More

    pp. 5-12

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  2. Some Problems Facing Producers and Developers of Media and Materials for the Severely Handicapped

    Lawrence A. Larsen

    The author lists the steps, and the problems involved in developing media or materials for severely handicapped persons. (BD) More

    pp. 13-24

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  3. Media Development Project for the Hearing Impaired

    Robert E. Stepp

    The Media Development Project for the Hearing Impaired is a project to serve the educational technology needs of the deaf and hard of hearing population, by identifying, adapting, developing, and... More

    pp. 25-31

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  4. Technology of Education for the Severely Handicapped: The Future

    Jean K. Elder

    Examined are four of the assumptions which can make up the future directions of the educational technology for the severely handicapped movement. (BD) More

    pp. 32-34

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  5. Synergy--May the "Combined and Correlated Force" Be with Us

    Wendell Shackelford

    Discussed are ways in which developers and publishers can work together for the benefit of learners in special education, such as state funding, symposia, information dissemination and resource... More

    pp. 38-43

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  6. Producer-Consumer Relationships from the Point of View of a University-Based R & D Center

    Dorothy S. Semmel

    How a university-based research and development center (Center for Innovation in Teaching the Handicapped, Indiana University) deals with the problems of disseminating its products with a lack of... More

    pp. 44-47

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  7. Media Materials and Functional Aids for Parents of the Severely Handicapped

    Janet Manfield Davies

    The author, the parent of two severely mentally handicapped children, describes her sons' (11 and 13 years old) needs and how they could be met by media materials and functional aids. (BD) More

    pp. 48-51

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