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Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning

2004 Volume 8, Number 1


Alison J. Fields

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. An historical overview of flexible learning in New Zealand from 1990 to the present

    Don Bewley, Massey University

    The recent progress in New Zealand of flexible learning is reviewed, together with its underlying concepts as expounded at the 1995 DEANZ conference by Bruce King, an Australian. These concepts,... More

    pp. 5-16

  2. The vintage years of eLearning in New Zealand schools

    Nola Campbell, University of Waikato

    This article reports on the early development in the 1980s and early 1990s of what is now known as eLearning in the New Zealand school sector. Consideration is given to the social, political, and... More

    pp. 17-24

  3. The financial benefits of eLearning

    Mark Nichols, Universal College of Learning

    In the pioneering days of eLeaming, many institutions suffered from significant levels of investment in eLearning initiatives that brought poor returns. Increasingly, eLeaming projects are required... More

    pp. 25-33

  4. The challenges of supporting staff and adult students in an eLearning environment

    Ruth Smith, Bethlehem Institute of Education

    First experiences of online learning can be daunting for adult students and tutors alike. This study looks at relevant literature on this topic, and explores the responses of four new adult online ... More

    pp. 34-49