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Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning

2003 Volume 7, Number 1


Alison J. Fields

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Empowering an indigenous rural community: Local teachers for local schools

    John Delany, Christchurch College of Education; Derek Wenmoth, The Correspondence School

    POLO is the name given by the Christchurch College of Education to the distance delivery of three-year primary teacher education to students all over New Zealand. These are students who wish to... More

    pp. 5-17

  2. Early childhood students' perceptions of studying by distance learning for the Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

    June Kean, New Zealand Tertiary College

    Traditionally, tertiary teacher education has been delivered in New Zealand through face-to-face teaching courses with students listening and taking notes while receiving instruction from a... More

    pp. 18-29

  3. Learning and teaching in a changing world

    Fred Lockwood, Manchester Metropolitan University

    In early 1995, thirty-seven scholars from around the world pooled their ideas and assembled the book Open and Distance Learning Today (Lockwood, 1995); it was the basis for a pre-conference... More

    pp. 30-39

  4. The metamorphosis of eLearning

    Elspeth McKay, RMIT University

    The scope of eLearning is more comprehensive than the commonly accepted issue of technological instructional/learning materials. Confusion abounds. Which voice is believable? Is there any common... More

    pp. 40-51

  5. Becoming a "communal architect" in the online classroom: Integrating cognitive and affective learning for maximum effect in web-based education

    Robert Woods, Spring Arbor University; Samuel Ebersole, University of Southern Colorado

    The authors discuss several online and offline community-building strategies that may be used to foster a positive social dynamic in online courses. Before presenting specific strategies, they... More

    pp. 52-67