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Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning

Aug 25, 2016 Volume 20, Number 1


Alison J. Fields

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Promoting Open, Flexible and Distance Learning in Increasingly Challenging Times

    Niki Davis, Alison Fields & Maggie Hartnett

    Although the potential to increase equitable access to education is threatened by economic and technical developments, the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning is working to address... More

    pp. 1-7

  2. Video Captions for Online Courses: Do YouTube’s Auto-generated Captions Meet Deaf Students’ Needs?

    Becky Parton

    Providing captions for videos used in online courses is an area of interest for institutions of higher education. There are legal and ethical ramifications as well as time constraints to consider. ... More

    pp. 8-18

  3. A Comparison of Two Online Learning Systems

    Mark Nichols

    Open Polytechnic is a single-mode provider of distance education with a rich history of print-based provision. Strategically, the institution is rapidly adopting an online-only approach, with some ... More

    pp. 19-32

  4. Reading and Studying on the Screen: An Overview of Literature Towards Good Learning Design Practice

    Mark Nichols

    As distance education moves increasingly towards online provision, and because of the benefits provided by online approaches, students will be expected to engage with more resources available on... More

    pp. 33-43

  5. Language Pedagogy and Non-transience in the Flipped Classroom

    Una Cunningham

    High connectivity at tertiary institutions, and students who are often equipped with laptops and/or tablets as well as smartphones, have resulted in language learners being able to freely access... More

    pp. 44-58