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Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning

1996 Volume 2, Number 1


Alison J. Fields

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Life, learning and flexible delivery

    Bruce King, New South Wales TAFE Commission

    This paper explores the thesis that flexible learning is a critical development in assuring high quality educational provision for individuals at all stages of their lives, but that there are... More

    pp. 3-13

  2. Distance education in New Zealand: An historical sketch

    Don Bewley, Massey University

    Some problems in sketching a history for such a wide-ranging array of New Zealand distance education provider and support agencies are reviewed and the principal agencies tabulated. The coincidence... More

    pp. 14-25

  3. Distance education in the school environment: integrating remote classrooms by video conferencing

    Jukka Hussa, University of Helsinki

    The instructional process in classroom focused distance education consists of features of conventional educational as well as elements from distance education. The theoretical and practical... More

    pp. 34-44

  4. The imperative of retaining contact with the remote distance learner: A perspective from Uganda

    Chris Acer & Tony Wrightson, Northern Integrated Teacher Education Project

    Developing countries confront major challenges in providing educational opportunities, particularly those ravaged by civil war, or poor in resources, or experiencing rapid population growth. In... More

    pp. 45-50

  5. Identifying support needs of Maori students enrolled extramurally at Massey University

    Barbara Brookfield & Louise MacFarlane, Massey University

    The purpose of this preliminary research project is to develop an overview of the difficulties which extramural Maori students in Hawkes Bay and Poverty Bay encounter. This information will be... More

    pp. 51-55