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Journal of Information Technology Education: Research

Jan 08, 2018 Volume 17, Number 1


Lynn Jeffrey; Christopher Cheong

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Engaging EFL Learners in Online Peer Feedback on Writing: What Does It Tell Us?

    Murad Saeed, Mohammed Abdulrab, Kamila Ghazali & Sakina Sahuri

    Aim/Purpose: The current case study aimed to investigate the engagement of nine English as foreign language (EFL) learners in online peer feedback on writing in a Facebook group. Specifically, the ... More

    pp. 39-61

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  2. Technology as a Double-Edged Sword: From Behavior Prediction with UTAUT to Students’ Outcomes Considering Personal Characteristics

    Hager Khechine & Sawsen Lakhal

    Aim/Purpose: We aim to bring a better understanding of technology use in the educational context. More specifically, we investigate the determinants of webinar acceptance by university students and... More

    pp. 63-102

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  3. Teacher Presence and Social Presence in Virtual and Blended Courses

    Gila Zilka, Revital Cohen & Ilan Rahimi

    Aim/Purpose: The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between teacher presence and social presence on one hand, and feelings of challenge and threat, self-efficacy, and motivation... More

    pp. 103-126

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  4. Effects of Professional Development and Videoconferencing on the Increase of Opportunities to Respond and the On-Task Behavior of Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders

    Millicent Carmouche, Jelisa Thompson & LaTiegra Carter

    Aim/Purpose: This study explored an alternative means to offering supervisory coaching to teachers, professional development, and virtual teacher coaching through the use of videoconferencing.... More

    pp. 127-157

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  5. Impact of the Flipped Classroom on Learner Achievement and Satisfaction in an Undergraduate Technology Literacy Course

    Albert Ritzhaupt & Max Sommer

    Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of the flipped classroom model on learner achievement and satisfaction for undergraduate learners Background: The context for this... More

    pp. 159-182

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  6. Assessing eLearning Systems Success in Nigeria: An Application of the DeLone and McLean Information Systems Success Model

    salihu dasuki & Nasiru Yakubu

    Aim/Purpose: This study is based on the DeLone and McLean\u2019s Information Systems Success (D&M ISS) model, which was modified to determine the success factors responsible for the acceptance of... More

    pp. 183-203

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  7. \u201cWhatsApp, Teacher?\u201d - Student Perspectives on Teacher-Student WhatsApp Interactions in Secondary Schools

    Hananel Rosenberg & Christa Asterhan

    Aim/Purpose: In this paper, we analyze the phenomenon of \u201cclassroom WhatsApp groups\u201d, in which a teacher and students from a particular classroom interact with one another, while... More

    pp. 205-226

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