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Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice

Jan 01, 2010 Volume 9, Number 1


Lynn Jeffrey; Christopher Cheong

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 19

  1. A Tools-Based Approach to Teaching Data Mining Methods

    Musa Jafar; Musa Jafar, West Texas A&M University, United States

    pp. 1-24

  2. Wearing the Assessment ‘BRACElet’

    Grace Tan & Anne Venables, Victoria University, Australia

    There exists a wealth of computing education literature devoted to interventions designed to overcome novices’ difficulties in learning to write computer programs. However, various studies have... More

    pp. 25-34

  3. Wearing the Assessment ‘BRACElet’

    Grace Tan & Anne Venables

    pp. 25-34

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  4. Challenges IT Instructors Face in the Self-Education Process

    Ljiljana Ruzic-Dimitrijevic & Zoran Mitrovic; Maja Dimitrijevic, SAT Consulting, Canada

    pp. 35-48

  5. Improving Outcome Assessment in Information Technology Program Accreditation

    Bryan S. Goda & Charles Reynolds

    pp. 49-59

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  6. Database Security: What Students Need to Know

    Meg Coffin Murray

    pp. 61-77

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  7. Didactics of Information Technology (IT) in a Science Degree: Conceptual Issues and Practical Application

    Iwona Miliszewska, Anne Therese Venables & Grace Tan

    pp. 79-89

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  8. Making Information Systems less Scrugged: Reflecting on the Processes of Change in Teaching and Learning

    Luke Houghton & Alison Ruth

    pp. 91-102

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  9. Designing a Network and Systems Computing Curriculum: The Stakeholders and the Issues

    Grace Tan & Anne Venables; Anne Venables, Victoria University, Australia

    pp. 103-112

  10. Study of the Impact of Collaboration among Teachers in a Collaborative Authoring System

    Yacine Lafifi & Ghassen Touil

    pp. 113-132

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  11. Straddling the Divide: Towards an Associate Degree in Information Technology

    Grace Tan

    pp. 133-141

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  12. Encouraging Girls to Consider a Career in ICT: A Review of Strategies

    Iwona Miliszewska & Aidan Moore; Aidan Moore, Victoria University, Australia

    pp. 143-166

  13. Real World Project: Integrating the Classroom, External Business Partnerships and Professional Organizations

    Donna Grant, Alisha Malloy, Marianne Murphy, Jovanna Foreman & Rowena Robinson; Rowena Robinson, North Carolina Central University, United States

    pp. 167-186

  14. Studios, Mini-lectures, Project Presentations, Class Blog and Wiki: A New Approach to Teaching Web Technologies

    Xuesong Zhang & Lorne Olfman; Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University, United States

    pp. 187-199

  15. Algorithm Visualization System for Teaching Spatial Data Algorithms

    Jussi Nikander, Juha Helminen & Ari Korhonen; Ari Korhonen, Aalto University, Finland

    pp. 201-225

  16. Assessing Students’ Structured Programming Skills with Java: The “Blue, Berry, and Blueberry” Assignment

    pp. 227-235

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  17. Assessing Students’ Structured Programming Skills with Java: The “Blue, Berry, and Blueberry” Assignment

    Xihui Zhang

    pp. 227-235

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  18. Learning & Personality Types: A Case Study of a Software Design Course

    Faheem Ahmed, Piers Campbell, Ahmad Jaffar, Shayma Alkobaisi & Julie Campbell; Julie Campbell, The Open University, United Kingdom

    pp. 237-252

  19. Academic Library Services in Virtual Worlds: An Examination of the Potential for Library Services in Immersive Environments

    Jenna Ryan, Marjorie Porter & Rebecca K. Miller

    pp. 253-275

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