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Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice

Feb 05, 2018 Volume 17, Number 1


Lynn Jeffrey; Christopher Cheong

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Promising Instructional Practices for English Language Learners

    Johanna Prince

    Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this exploratory case study was to understand how teachers, working with English Language Learners (ELLs), expanded their knowledge and instructional practices as they... More

    pp. 1-21

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  2. A Real-time Plagiarism Detection Tool for Computer-based Assessments

    Manoj Lall, Heimo Jeske & Okuthe Kogeda

    Aim/Purpose: The aim of this article is to develop a tool to detect plagiarism in real time amongst students being evaluated for learning in a computer-based assessment setting. Background:... More

    pp. 23-35

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  3. Delving into the Specificity of Instructional Guidance in Social Media-supported Learning Environments

    Tian Luo

    Aim/Purpose: This study investigates the variations in student participation patterns across different types of instructional activities, learning modes, and with different instructional guidance... More

    pp. 37-54

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  4. Enhancing Children's Interest and Knowledge in Bioengineering through an Interactive Videogame

    Amanda Strawhacker, Marina Bers, Clarissa Verish, Amanda Sullivan & Orit Shaer

    Aim/Purpose: Bioengineering is a burgeoning interdisciplinary learning domain that could inspire the imaginations of elementary aged children but is not traditionally taught to this age group for... More

    pp. 55-81

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  5. Categorizing the Educational Affordances of 3 Dimensional Immersive Digital Environments

    Christian Rueda, Juan Godínes & Paul Rudman

    Aim/Purpose: This paper provides a general-purpose categorization scheme for assessing the utility of new and emerging three-dimensional interactive digital environments (3D-IDEs), along with... More

    pp. 83-112

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  6. Introductory Information Systems Course Redesign: Better Preparing Business Students

    Gina Harden, Robert Crocker & Kelly Noe

    Aim/Purpose: The dynamic nature of the information systems (IS) field presents educators with the perpetual challenge of keeping course offerings current and relevant. This paper describes the... More

    pp. 113-126

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  7. Collaborative Approach in Software Engineering Education: An Interdisciplinary Case

    Aileen Vicente, Tiffany Tan & Alvin Yu

    Aim/Purpose: This study was aimed at enhancing students\u2019 learning of software engineering methods. A collaboration between the Computer Science, Business Management, and Product Design... More

    pp. 127-152

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  8. The Impact of Teacher Gender on Girls\u2019 Performance on Programming Tasks in Early Elementary School

    Amanda Sullivan & Marina Bers

    Aim/Purpose: The goal of this paper is to examine whether having female robotics teachers positively impacts girls\u2019 performance on programming and robotics tasks Background: Women continue to ... More

    pp. 153-162

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