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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2019 Volume 30, Number 3


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. How Gamification Can Foster Motivation and Collaboration in Blended Learning: A Mixed Methods Case Study

    Klaudia Bovermann, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany, Germany; Theo Bastiaens, Open Universiteit, Heerlen, Netherlands

    This study investigated the use of gamification in blended learning for a bachelor’s degree class in educational technology. Points and leaderboards in class were implemented to research the... More

    pp. 275-300

  2. An Integrated Pedagogy for Teaching Sung and Chanted iban Traditional Poems(leka main)

    Rosline Sandai & Che Ton bt Mahmud, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia; Doblin Sandai, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

    The research identifies the contents of sung and chanted traditional poems which are integrated into the narrative-based pedagogy. It examines the musical instructional strategies for teaching the... More

    pp. 301-326

  3. Impact of Technology on Post-Secondary Classroom Culture: A Critical Literature Review

    Susan W. Bontly, Cynthia Gomez, Samar M. Khalil & Tahani Fouad Mansour, New Mexico State University, United States

    Today’s adult student has several expectations for their post-secondary learning environment (Hofmann, 2015). Numerous studies have been conducted regarding how technology has impacted the learning... More

    pp. 327-346

  4. Adapt and They Shall Come: Aspects of Online Teacher-Parent Collaboration in 6 Case Studies with At-Risk Students

    Alexandros Kofteros & Thanasis Hadzilacos, Open University of Cyprus, Cyprus

    This paper describes a collateral finding from an educational intervention with at-risk primary school pupils in which parents were called to leverage teacher's adaptive teaching efforts for their ... More

    pp. 347-363

  5. Fostering Video Sharing and Discourse Among STEM Educational Researchers in a Multimodal Environment

    Joni Falk, Debra Bernstein & Brian Drayton, TERC, United States

    Multimedia environments provide multiple resources for expression, collaboration, and knowledge-creation. Yet there is much to be learned about the design of such environments, the forms of... More

    pp. 365-395

  6. Observable, Traceable, Autograded Computer-Mediated Collaborative Learning: A Pilot of Scalable Team Design in the Engineering Classroom

    Ronald DeMara, Soheil Salehi, Richard Hartshorne, Baiyun Chen & Eman Saqr, University of Central Florida, United States

    The Group Learning At Significant Scale (GLASS) approach is developed to increase the scalability and efficacy of student design teams during large class sessions. GLASS utilizes freely available... More

    pp. 397-424