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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2000 Volume 11, Number 1


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. How Activity Fosters CMC Tool Use in Classrooms: Reinventing Innovations in Local Contexts

    Barry J. Fishman, University of Michigan, United States

    This paper presents a framework for understanding how the varying expertise, attitudes, and classroom activity structures of science teachers influence their students' use of a suite of computer... More

    pp. 3-27

  2. Comparative Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face Learning Environments

    Scott D. Johnson, Steven R. Aragon & Najmuddin Shaik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States

    This empirical study compared a graduate online course with an equivalent course taught in a traditional face-to-face format on a variety of outcome measures. Comparisons included student ratings... More

    pp. 29-49

  3. Learning Probability Through the Use of a Collaborative, Inquiry-Based Simulation Environment

    Phil Vahey, SRI International, Center for Technology in Learning, United States; Noel Enyedy & Bernard Gifford, University of California, Berkeley, United States

    In this paper we report on the Probability Inquiry Environment (PIE), which facilitates the development of probabilistic reasoning by making available collaborative inquiry activities and student... More

    pp. 51-84

  4. Good Online Conversation: Building on Research To Inform Practice

    Lorraine Sherry & Shelley H. Billig, RMC Research Corporation, United States; Fern Tavalin, The WEB Project, United States

    With the increase of Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) usage in the classroom, instructional activities are now being implemented that use online conversation for knowledge-building. Current... More

    pp. 85-127