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Journal of Educational Techniques and Technologies

1987 Volume 20, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Foreign Language Authoring Systems: Judith Frommer's MacLang Spoken Here

    Judith Frommer

    MacLang, a user-friendly authoring system for the Macintosh computer, helps second language teachers prepare and tailor computer exercises and activities; is usable with any Roman-alphabet language... More

    pp. 19-25

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  2. Cooperative Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Is It Living Up to Its Promise?

    Donna Mydlarski

    A study investigating peer learning, second language acquisition, and computer-assisted language learning among first-year students at the University of Calgary suggests that, while the computer... More

    pp. 26-29

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  3. The Sony 5510--Is It the One and Only Learning Lab For You?

    Information is presented regarding the Sony 5510 Learning Laboratory to help educators decide if the system is appropriate for their needs. Aspects such as peripheral equipment, optional... More

    pp. 30-46

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  4. Self-Confrontation: Video in the Language Classroom

    Barbara Welch

    A "French for Business" course is used to illustrate how emphasis on oral performance (communicative competence), at the expense of objective evaluation and correction, can encourage students to... More

    pp. 47-51

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  5. The Baruch College Solution: A Laboratory for Improving Communication Skills of Non-Native Speakers of American English

    Beth Morris

    Baruch College's (New York) Speech Communication Laboratory provides both tutorial and classroom settings and audio, video, and computer-interactive materials to help its large population of non... More

    pp. 52-56

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  6. Issues and Answers in Foreign Language Learning: Are Students and Teachers Saying the Same Thing?

    Suzanne Lindenau

    A survey exploring important aspects of language learning as perceived by university students (N=1,135) enrolled in required foreign language courses revealed that, while students most highly... More

    pp. 57-61

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