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Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning

Mar 31, 2021 Volume 6, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. A Mentoring-Coaching to Improve Teacher Pedagogic Competence: An Action Research

    Ina Dewi

    The purpose of this research is to boost teacher pedagogic competence using a mentoring-coaching approach. Three SMPK Immanuel Pontianak teachers participated in the two cycles of action research... More

    pp. 1-6

  2. Identification Of KOLB’S Learning Style In Seventh Grade Students and The Effect On Misconception In Science Learning

    Fitria Tazkiah, Sri Mulyani & Sentot Budi Rahardjo

    The purpose of this study is to identify Kolb’s learning style of seventh-grade students. Learning style is a combination of the way how the student absorbs then processes the information. Kolb's... More

    pp. 7-12

  3. Improving Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Outcomes of 4th Grade Students Through Discovery Learning Model

    Wahyu Rizaldi & Mawardi Mawardi

    Lack of critical thinking skills in students is a problem faced in thematic learning at SD Negeri 2 Kedungrejo. Therefore, it had an impact on low learning outcomes. From this problem, this study... More

    pp. 13-17

  4. Exploring Determinant Factors Contributing to Students’ Choices in Selecting English Study Program (A Study at English Study Program of FKIP Tanjungpura University in Pontianak)

    Clarry Sada

    This study aims at exploring the determinant factors contributing to students’ choice in selecting English Study Program (A Study on English Study Program at FKIP Tanjungpura University in... More

    pp. 18-23

  5. Investigating Literary Terminologies to Accomplish Literary Research and Enjoyment: A Corpus Study

    Agista Wardani & Adityo Adityo

    In relation to producing, enjoying, and especially criticizing literature, some literary terminologies are used frequently. Thus, corpus in the field of Literature is urgently needed to compile.... More

    pp. 24-30

  6. Internalization of Living Value Education Program (LVEP) as A Based of Developing Conflict Resolution Model

    Wasis Suprapto, Bunyamin Maftuh, Helius Sjamsuddin & Elly Malihah

    Violence become a serious problem in this country. All parties including students have been involved in this swirl of problems. The phenomenon of violence in the educational environment can be... More

    pp. 31-38

  7. Content Gradation OF Sundanese Textbooks for Junior High School and Senior High School (Review Of Facts, Concepts, Principles, and Procedures in The Field of Sundanese Language Study in 2013 Local Content Curriculum Revised 2017)

    Dingding Haerudin, Dedi Koswara & Amanda Sejati

    The main reason for conducting this research is that Sundanese textbooks do not describe the material gradation standards according to the needs and background of students at each level of... More

    pp. 39-46

  8. Online Learning Management in The Covid-19 Pandemic Era

    Herry Sanoto

    Learning in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic has undergone a fundamental change from a face-to-face learning process to online-based learning to minimize the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.... More

    pp. 47-52

  9. The Importance of Self-Esteem to Students Learning Responsibilities and Group Learning Commitment of Physical Education Students

    Jusuf Blegur, Zuvyati Tlonaen, Andreas Lumba & Julian Leko

    This study aims to examine the relationship between self-esteem and learning responsibility and group learning commitment of physical education students. We used a quantitative approach, with a... More

    pp. 52-61