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Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning

Sep 30, 2020 Volume 5, Number 2

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Number of articles: 14

  1. A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis on News Reports Addressing High School Student Enrolment Zoning Policy

    Arima Putri & Markus Budiraharjo

    Empirical studies drawn from a Foucauldian discourse analysis suggest the complexity of policy implementations. Policy construction and implementation involve a set of different stakeholders,... More

    pp. 218-224

  2. Development of POGIL Based Calculus Module for Informatics Engineering Students

    Weni Aedi & Lisda Masitoh

    The purpose of this study was to develop a calculus learning module based on POGIL for Informatics Engineering students. The POGIL-based module contains namely exploring, discovering, and applying.... More

    pp. 225-228

  3. Understanding of Mathematical Concepts and Students’ Self-Regulated Learning in RME Learning Assisted by PANDU

    Citra Utami, Rien Anitra & Usinah Moseki

    The understanding of mathematical concepts has an important role in one of the knowledge and activity skills in mathematics learning according to NCTM. On the other hand, self-regulated learning is... More

    pp. 229-237

  4. Development of Ethnomathematics-Based Student Worksheets on Course of Mathematics Basic Concept in STKIP Singkawang

    Evinna Hendriana & Buyung Buyung

    The success of learning mathematics affects the level of mastery of mathematical concepts that elementary school students (SD) must have, as well as prospective elementary school teachers at STKIP ... More

    pp. 238-243

  5. CAMI: Web-Based Application to Test Validity and Reliability of Research Instruments

    Ovan Ovan & Andika Saputra

    Testing research instruments can be done using several applications such as SPSS, AMOS, Lisrell, and several other applications. However, the use of these applications encounters several obstacles ... More

    pp. 244-248

  6. Enhancement of Students Cooperation Attitude through Traditional Game of Lompat Tali

    Iip Istirahayu

    Character development in students is very important to be a better individual and understand the values that apply. Character development is done by instilling basic ethical values such as one of... More

    pp. 249-252

  7. Reading Literacy, Mathematical Literacy, and Self-Confidence of Junior High School Students in Singkawang

    Nurul Husna, Zulfahita Zulfahita, Sri Mulyani & Shahinoor Rahman

    Literacy skills are very important abilities for students and are being encouraged to do so as a necessary prerequisite for lifelong learning. Because literacy skills are abilities that can be used... More

    pp. 253-262

  8. The Development of Digital Pocketbook Based on the Ethnoscience of the Singkawang City to Increase Students' Scientific Literacy on Heat Matter and Its Transfer

    Emi Sulistri, Eti Sunarsih, Erdi Utama & Usinah Moseki

    Many factors cause low student scientific literacy, one of which is due to the inappropriate use of the selected learning media in the learning process. This study aims to produce ethnoscience... More

    pp. 263-268

  9. The Improvement of the Services Quality through Development of Teachers Personality and Organizational Justice

    Kania Rubiati, Sri Setyaningsih & Henny Suharyati

    The quality of teacher services is an important element related to achieving national education goals and developing Indonesian people as a whole. The initial survey of teacher service quality in... More

    pp. 269-273

  10. Strengthening of Social Competency through Learning Independence of Islamic Education of Reciprocal Teaching Models with Metacognitive Approach of Primary School Students

    Ahmad Yani T., Misdah Misdah & Wahab Wahab

    This study aims to obtain empirical evidence on strengthening social competence (Islamic Studies subjects; Arabic script) through the independent learning of reciprocal teaching models with a... More

    pp. 274-279

  11. The Effect of Screen Size on Students’ Cognitive Load in Mobile Learning

    Talal Alasmari

    Mobile learning is becoming a crucial tool in this era of face-to-face shutdown of education, and however the whole process currently faces a significant deficiency due to the kind of cognitive... More

    pp. 280-295

  12. Taxonomy of Educational Problems in Support of Readiness for the Implementation of Minimum Competency Assessment and Character Survey in Elementary Schools

    Aunurrahman Aunurrahman

    This study aims to determine the essential dimensions of primary school education problems in Sintang district based on their types and aspects to analyze the readiness to implement the minimum... More

    pp. 296-302

  13. Factors Influencing High Scores in the Food and Nutrition Practical Examinations in Eswatini

    Molyn Mpofu & Carol Dlamini

    The Eswatini Food and Nutrition (FN) examination results have shown that the practical examinations had higher scores than the theory papers, creating negatively skewed distributions. Students were... More

    pp. 303-310

  14. The Development of Computer-Based Test (CBT) Based on Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

    Baharuddin J.H., Indri Astuti & Aloysius Mering

    This study aims to produce design, to know the profile and to determine the level of effectiveness of the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) based on Computer-Based Test (CBT) to Test of English For... More

    pp. 311-316