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Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning

Mar 31, 2020 Volume 5, Number 1

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Number of articles: 32

  1. JETL Back Cover: Vol. 5 No. 1 (2020)

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  3. Feminization of Teaching in Bangladesh: Exploring the Influence of State, Market, and Family

    Shamnaz Mim

    Although the number of women teachers is increasing in primary schools, the profession is often devalued considering social prestige and remuneration. This review article thus aims to explore the... More

    pp. 1-7

  4. Practices and Challenges of Continuous Assessment in Colleges of Teachers Education in West Oromia Region of Ethiopia

    Gemachu Oli & Teklu Olkaba

    The main purpose of this study was to investigate the practices and challenges of continuous assessment in colleges of teachers’ education in western Oromia region. For this study, the researchers ... More

    pp. 8-20

  5. Students’ Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning: An Analysis Through Students’ Work in Solving HOTS Problem

    Imas Ismayati, Nani Ratnaningsih & Supratman Supratman

    The aims of this study are to analyze and describe the metacognition of students who have high, moderate, and low Self-Regulated Learning (SLR) in solving Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) type... More

    pp. 21-27

  6. Studio Quiz Used as a Test to Comprehend Listening Skill: Perception of English Education Study Program Student of Tanjungpura University

    Eusabinus Bunau

    This article is excerpted from research entitled Comprehending Listening Skill through Quiz. The quiz was administered to students of the English Education Study Program as a semester final test of... More

    pp. 28-33

  7. Challenges Faced by English Teacher in Teaching: Case Study of Junior High School in Banjarnegara Regency

    Hari Utomo, Tatsuya Kusakabe, Achmad Sultoni & Dhina Setyowati

    Teaching English is not a very easy job and becomes a challenging task for the Junior High School teacher in Banjarnegara regency that is located in a mountainous area and the majority of the... More

    pp. 34-40

  8. Development of Entrepreneurship Education Teaching Material Based on the National Resilience and Amare Culture

    Yosua Sadewo, Pebria Purnasari & Bella Dimmera

    The development of teaching materials is important to create a learning process that suits the needs of STIM Shanti Bhuana. The Entrepreneurship Study Program of STIM Shanti Bhuana has not yet... More

    pp. 41-45

  9. Factual Model of Internal Quality Assurance System of Private Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia

    Andi Mursidi, Tri Raharjo, Sugiyo Sugiyo & Arief Yulianto

    Quality has increasingly become an important success determiner for higher education institutions. The education quality highly depends on the quality of all management systems run by the higher... More

    pp. 46-52

  10. Development of E-Learning Based Resource Economics Lecture Model in Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0

    Nuraini Asriati

    In facing the industrial revolution 4.0 where technology plays its role the most. It also affects the education field in which the optimization of the use of instructional media and the evaluation ... More

    pp. 53-58

  11. Extracting Indigenous Riau-Malays’ Scientific Literacy through Lancang Kuning Folklore with Thematic Learning in the Primary School Context

    Neni Hermita, Mahmud Alpusari, Jesi Alim & Elfis Suanto

    This research aims to extract the story or take the essence from folklore the Lancang Kuning its scientific literacy value for thematic learning in primary school. Scientific literacy is an... More

    pp. 59-66

  12. The Influence of Think-Pair-Share in Enhancing Students’ Speaking Ability

    Hidayana Putri, Fahriany Fahriany & Nasifuddin Jalil

    Secondary schools obliged the students to master English skills. In fact, students have many shortcomings in mastering those English skills, especially speaking skills faced by the eighth-grade... More

    pp. 67-72

  13. Improving Teacher's Ability through Training in Learning Strategies Based on Cooperative STAD Techniques

    Triasianingrum Afrikani, Etin Solihatin & Diana Musnir

    This research aims to improve the ability of teachers through cooperative learning strategies based on STAD techniques in grades VII, VIII, and IX at Junior High School 8 Bogor. This study using... More

    pp. 73-80

  14. Evaluating “West Kalimantan Culinary Book” as A Supplementary Book for Undergraduate Students

    Stella Prancisca & Ana Fergina

    The present research believes that teaching materials which promote Indonesian traditional heritages should be available for students both inside and outside the classroom. For this reason, the... More

    pp. 81-87

  15. The Model Development Training to Increase Competence of Teacher on Education of Citizenship Based on Multiculture

    Ahmad Jamalong

    This research purpose to increase the competence of Teachers in Education of Citizenship in Junior High School at Pontianak City. The research to use development method Research & Development (... More

    pp. 88-98

  16. Accuracy of Using English Collocation in Writing Descriptive Texts at SMK Cahaya Harapan Students

    Magpika Handayani & Yovita Angelina

    The purpose of this study is to know the accuracy of using English collocation in writing descriptive text. The use of collocation in writing is one of the important things in creating a paper. The... More

    pp. 99-105

  17. Critical Study of Research Results about TVET and TEFA’s Role in Social, Economic, and Education Development in the Country

    Euis Ismayati, Supari Muslim, Nita Kusumawati, Erina Rahmadyanti, Moch Hilmi & Tri Wrahatnolo

    This study aims to determine the role of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Teaching Factory (TEFA) on social, economic, and educational development in a country. The study was ... More

    pp. 106-113

  18. Analyzing the Use of Catholic Learning Model for the State Primary Schools in South and Southeast Pontianak

    Lukas Ahen, Cenderato Cenderato, Florentina Florentina, Florentina Astuti & Arius Halawa

    Learning models were important for the teachers to apply by considering the class setting. How they could manage their class depending on what learning model they could apply. So, it was curious to... More

    pp. 114-119

  19. Learning Speaking Using Flash Cardboard: English as a Foreign Language Students’ Perception

    Siti Asih, Ida Andansari, Ely Widayati & Didik Murwantono

    Flash cardboard is one of the media used for speaking, especially in storytelling. Teaching by using media is very necessary for learning because it greatly influences the results of the learning... More

    pp. 120-126

  20. The Importance of Training Need Assessment on Competency-Based Training of Technical Guidance of Energy Auditor in Cement Industry

    Sunyoto Sunyoto, Robinson Situmorang & Etin Solihatin

    Training needs assessment or training needs analysis is a move made prior to training and a part in the design of integrated training in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the material, the... More

    pp. 127-136