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Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning

Mar 30, 2019 Volume 4, Number 1

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Number of articles: 33

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  4. The Participation of Society and Students’ Parents in Education Organizing at State 2 Sekayam Senior High School

    Heri Priyanto, Aunnurahman Aunnurahman & Aswandi Aswandi

    The importance of community and students’ parentsparticipation should be a serious concern for schools because without the support of participation from relevant parties (stakeholders), the quality... More

    pp. 1-13

  5. The Evaluation of Free Education Program at North Kayong District in 2016Period

    Heru Suherda, Maswardi Amin & Fadillah Fadillah

    North Kayong as a new district for regional autonomy, the elected Bupati formed an assessment team which later identified the Education problems in North Kayong, namely the lack of schools and... More

    pp. 14-30

  6. The Effect of Perception about The Educational Services Quality and Organizational Environment on Students' Achievement Motivation in Environmental Health Department

    Ismi Trihardini, M. Asrori & M. Syukri

    Achievement motivation is an urge in a person to compete and become superior. Achievement motivation is needed so that students have the drive to compete with excellence standards, where this... More

    pp. 31-39

  7. The Influence of Transformational Leadership and School Environment on Academic Achievement of PAUD Teachers at West Pontianak District

    Nazayanti Nazayanti, Wahyudi Wahyudi & M. Chiar

    .In general, this research departs from the researchers' thinking that with the better and higher Transformational leadership and school environment, the better and higher the Motivation for... More

    pp. 40-48

  8. School Policy in Supporting Indonesia Smart Program at Private Junior High School (SMP) of Santo Gabriel Sekadau

    Neli Neli, M. Syukri & M. Chiar

    The purpose of this study is to obtain information about school policies in supporting PIP which is focused on the process of determining prospective PIP recipients, strategies implemented by the... More

    pp. 49-58

  9. The Development of 3DPageflip Service System to Improve Performance Customer Services in Bank

    Roki Juniadi, Indri Astuti & Fadillah Fadillah

    This study aims to produce a 3Dpageflip service system design in the learning of customer service material, the final product of a 3Dpageflip service system to improve Customer Service performance,... More

    pp. 59-70

  10. Management of Quality Improvement for PAUD (Case Study of PAUD Handayani at Pontianak City)

    Siti Ruwaidah, Wahyudi Wahyudi & Sukmawati Sukmawati

    The quality of education is a benchmark in assessing the success of the school in creating qualified students. It is appropriate if the school or institution can maintain and improve the quality of... More

    pp. 71-83

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  11. The Effect of Recruitment and Achievement Motivation on Discipline of Teacher Work at Private Kristen Kindergarten (TK) in Pontianak City

    Angelina Larasati, Asrori Asrori & M Sukri

    This study aims to describe (1) Recruitment in Pontianak City Private Christian Kindergarten; (2) Achievement motivation in Pontianak City Private Christian Kindergarten; (3) work discipline of... More

    pp. 84-93

  12. The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and School Environment on Teacher Job Satisfaction at SMKN (State Vocational Schools) in Sub Rayon I at Sambas Regency

    Auful Amsyari, Usman Radiana & Aswandi Aswandi

    Job satisfaction in this study is the feelings and reactions of individuals who appear in the form of a positive attitude towards their work. Theoretically, the emotional intelligence of the... More

    pp. 94-102

  13. Analysis on Students’ Interrogative Sentence Error at SMA Negeri 2 Samalantan Bengkayang Regency

    Magpika Handayani & Yovita Angelina

    This study aims at identifying the form of questions used by students of SMA Negeri 2 Samalantan Bengkayang Regency, sees errors done by students and describes students' understanding of English... More

    pp. 103-108

  14. The Evaluation of Coramil Model Program in KODIM (District Military Command) 1207/BS at Pontianak City

    Edy Kuswanto, M. Chiar & Sukmawati Sukmawati

    The Koramil Model program that is formed at this time, especially those in the Kodim 1207/BS Pontianak ranks has not yet described the expected results in accordance with the objectives of the... More

    pp. 109-122

  15. The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Communication on Employees’ Work Satisfaction at Education and Culture Office in West Kalimantan

    Erna Oktafiani, M. Chiar & Sukmawati Sukmawati

    The process of reorganization of the application of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government, the moratorium of civil servants and the limited quota of participants on attending... More

    pp. 123-129

  16. The Effect of Democratic Autocratic and Laissez-Faire (Free) Leadership Style of Kindergarten Headmaster toward Teacher Discipline Performance at Kindergartens in Southeast Pontianak District

    F. Astuti, Aunnurahman Aunnurahman & Wahyudi Wahyudi

    A formal education institution achieving success one of the factors is the leadership style of the Headmaster. One that wants to be improved through leadership style is work discipline for teachers... More

    pp. 130-138

  17. The Evaluation of Management Standards on Accreditation Results of PAUD Institutions in 2017 Year (Study of Accreditation Results Documents in BAP PAUD and PNF West Kalimantan)

    Hamka Hamka, Wahyudi Wahyudi & M. Chiar

    The purpose of this study was to determine the results of accreditation on the standard aspects of PAUD management. This research method uses a documentary study method with a qualitative approach.... More

    pp. 139-148

  18. The Effect of The Principal's Transformational Leadership and Work Motivation Toward Service Quality to Teachers of Private Islamic Junior High School (MTs) in Pontianak

    Diana Fitriyah, Sukmawati Sukmawati & M. Chiar

    The problems that occur in the madrasahh are caused by the lack of quality of service in which the madrasahh principal leadership in Pontianak is not supported and the work motivation of teachers... More

    pp. 149-156

  19. Self-Actualization of the Main Characters in Ford County, by Grisham

    Dhina Melinda, Emzir Emzir & Sabarti Akhadiah

    This research aimed to obtain a deep depiction of self-actualization on the main character in Ford County the stories written by Grisham This research is a study of the psychology of literature,... More

    pp. 157-162

  20. Increasing Creative and Innovative Thinking Ability through The Strengthening of Character Education in Probability Theory Course

    Ahmad Yani T. & Sayaka Oikawa

    The purpose of this study was how to improve the ability to think creatively and innovatively through strengthening character education in the probability theory course. The sample of this study... More

    pp. 163-168