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Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning

Oct 31, 2017 Volume 2, Number 2

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Number of articles: 28

  1. Front Page JETL Vol 2, No. 2 (2017)

    Front Page

  2. Influence Cooperative Learning Method and Personality Type to Ability to Write The Scientific Article (Experiment Study on SMAN 2 Students Ciamis Learning Indonesian Subject)

    Supriatna Supriatna, Emzir Emzir & Yumna Rasyid

    The purpose of this research was to know the influence of cooperative learning method (Jigsaw and TPS) and personality type (extrovert and introvert) toward students’ ability in scientific writing ... More

    pp. 108-116

  3. Aesthetic-Receptive and Critical-Creative in Appreciative Reading

    Titin Setiartin

    Reading is a process of aesthetically appreciative receptive to emphasize critical-creative reading activities. Metacognitively students understand, address any and explore the idea of the author... More

    pp. 117-120


    Ratu Wardarita

    The objective of this research is to find out the difference between instructional approaches and verbal reasoning on students’ scientific writing ability. It was conducted at Indonesian Language... More

    pp. 121-127

  5. The Quality Analysis of Final Examination Test in Biology Education Major

    Kurnia Ningsih

    The goal to be achieved in this study is to analyze the quality of the exam questions even semester 2015/2016 school year in Biology Education program. This research uses descriptive method. With... More

    pp. 128-132

  6. English Speaking Learning through The "English Area" Program in Smk Negeri I Gorontalo

    Sartin Miolo, Emzir Emzir & Yumna Rasyid

    The purpose of this research is to know how the learning process speaks English through "English Area" Program at SMK Negeri I Gorontalo. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative... More

    pp. 133-137

  7. The Effectiveness of Using Photograph in Teaching Writing

    Megawati Megawati & Syarif Alkadrie

    This research entitled: “The Effectiveness of Using Photograph in Teaching Writing” is intended to find out whether there is significantly different in writing ability between the experimental... More

    pp. 138-146

  8. The Local Wisdom of Sambas Malay Ethnic Assessed from Character Mathematical Connections

    Bistari Bistari

    The local wisdom of the Sambas Malay ethnic from generation to generation in this study are 12 species. Among the 12 are two local wisdom that is almost extinct ie behind the mat and ngukor. This... More

    pp. 147-150

  9. Ternate Historical Site as an Object Based Education for Sustainable Development

    Suswandari Suswandari

    This study aims to classify the historical sites of Ternate based on the timeliness of its existence. This study uses a critical qualitative historical approach and is conducted in several... More

    pp. 151-163

  10. Second Language Aquisition and The Development through Nature-Nurture

    Syahfitri Purnama

    There are some factors regarding which aspect of second language acquisition is affected by individual learner factors, age, learning style. aptitude, motivation, and personality. This research is ... More

    pp. 164-169

  11. Feedback Effectiveness Attributional Modification Schunk Model for Improvement of Academic Self-Efficacy Primary School Students in Math Lesson

    Asrori Asrori

    This experimental study examines the effect of Schunk Model's attributional feedback to improve academic self-efficacy of elementary school underachievers and low achievers in mathematics. The... More

    pp. 170-176

  12. Teacher's Ability to Develop Learning Materials Potentially Mathematical Discourse

    Hamdani Hamdani

    In the process of learning in the field, the teacher still dominates the conversation while the students as a passive listener. As a result, not only the communication skills of students who are... More

    pp. 177-182

  13. Cirebon Language Revitalization In Cirebon City through Cirebon Language Learning

    Nuniek Sukmayani, Emzir Emzir & Sabarti Akhadiah

    Law of the Republic of Indonesia no. 4 Year 2009 about the language states that the local government must develop, foster, and protect the local languages and literature in order to continue to... More

    pp. 183-185

  14. Developing Authentic Assessment Instrument on Short Story Appreciation and Production for Senior High School Students

    Purwadi Susilo & Ratu Wardarita

    This study was conducted as the follow-up action toward the result of a preliminary study which showed that Indonesian Language teachers in Senior High School (mentioned as “SMA”) YPI Tunas Bangsa ... More

    pp. 186-191

  15. Value Based Thematics Learning

    Tahmid Sabri

    Today, the ever-changing curriculum development in accordance with the power holder and the authority in issuing the policy has revamped the previous curriculum (Curriculum Unit of Education Unit) ... More

    pp. 192-196

  16. Relations Entrance Test Interview with Learning Outcomes

    Victor Simanjuntak

    The problem in this research is how the relationship between the results of tests Interview on learning outcomes. The approach used in this study was cross-sectional survey method. Population in... More

    pp. 197-200

  17. Application of Concept Maps and Critical Thinking Ability to Improve Writing Reports

    Martono Martono, Susanti Susanti & Suprapti Suprapti

    This study was conducted in class VIII C SMP 21 Pontianak City in 2015/2016. The study focused on the material report. Materi subject matter for the report is required to master this material... More

    pp. 201-210

  18. The Effect of Intelligence, Leg Muscle Strength, and Balance Towards The Learning Outcomes of Pencak Silat with Empty-Handed Single Artistic

    Aridhotul Haqiyah, Mulyana Mulyana, Widiastuti Widiastuti & Dani Riyadi

    This study aims to Determine the effect of intelligence, leg muscle strength, as well as the balance towards the learning outcomes of pencak silat empty-handed single artistic on the Physical... More

    pp. 211-217

  19. The Learning Model of Forearm Passing In Volleyball for Junior High School

    Titi Ajayati

    The purpose of this research and development is to produce the learning models of volleyball forearm for junior high school age. In addition, research and development are conducted to Obtain in... More

    pp. 218-223

  20. English Learning in Islamic Boarding School Al-Junaidiyah Biru Bone (Ethnographic Studies)

    Suardi Suardi, Emzir Emzir & Zainal Rafli

    This study aims to analyze the process of learning English in Islamic boarding school Al-Junaidiyah Biru Bone. Using ethnographic methods. The results of the study show that (1) analyzing the needs... More

    pp. 224-227