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Journal of Educators Online

July 2007 Volume 4, Number 2

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  1. Strategies to Engage Online Students and Reduce Attrition Rates

    Lorraine M. Angelino, Frankie Keels Williams & Deborah Natvig

    Attrition continues to be a major issue in higher education. Attrition rates for classes taught through distance education are 10-20% higher than classes taught in a face-to-face setting. Educators... More

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  2. Multi-Course Comparison of Traditional versus Web-Based Course Delivery Systems

    J Michael Weber & Ron Lennon

    The purpose of this paper is to measure and compare the effectiveness of a Web-based course delivery system to a traditional course delivery system. The results indicate that a web-based course is ... More

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  3. Giving Online Quizzes in Corporate Finance and Investments for a Better Use of Seat Time

    Zhuoming Peng

    The primary benefit of providing out-of-class online quizzes in a face-to-face class is to gain more in-class time. A study designed to investigate this issue was conducted during the Spring 2006... More

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  4. Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) in Web-Based Classes: Preliminary Findings and a Call for Further Research

    Karen A. Loveland

    Student evaluation of teaching (SET) is important to faculty because SET ratings help faculty improve performance and are often used as the basis for evaluations of teaching effectiveness in... More

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