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Journal of Educators Online

July 2013 Volume 10, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Continuous Partial Attention as a Problematic Technology Use: A Case of Educators

    Mehmet FIRAT, Anadolu University, Turkey

    Continuous Partial Attention is a current concept open to research which, besides multitasking, intensely occupies the agenda of education, communication and cognitive psychology. The purpose of... More

  2. Maintaining Pedagogical Integrity of a Computer Mediated Course Delivery in Social Foundations

    Shelley Stewart, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts & Barbara Shircliffe, University of South Florida, United States

    Transforming a face to face course to a computer mediated format in social foundations (interdisciplinary field in education), while maintaining pedagogical integrity, involvesstrategic... More

    pp. 1-25

  3. Citation analysis for the modern instructor: An integrated review of emerging research

    Chris Piotrowski, University of West Florida, United States

    While online instructors may be versed in conducting e-Research (Hung, 2012; Thelwall, 2009), today’s faculty are probably less familiarized with the rapidly advancing fields of bibliometrics and... More

    pp. 1-24

  4. Content Creators and Language Learners: Exploring Web 2.0 and Wikis

    Dorothy Craig, Middle Tennessee State University, United States

    This qualitative study examined the use of Wikis and blogs among graduate students in an online class that was part of a teacher preparation program in English as a Second Language. Participants... More

    pp. 1-21

  5. An Investigation of Teaching Strategy in the Distance Learning Mathematics Classroom

    Tiffany DePriter, American Public University, United States

    Distance learning has become increasingly popular among higher learning institutions, and more academic disciplines, such as mathematics, are now being offered at a distance. This experimental... More

    pp. 1-20

  6. Where has the Time Gone? Faculty Activities and Time Commitments in the Online Classroom

    B. Jean Mandernach, Swinton Hudson & Shanna Wise, Grand Canyon University, United States

    While research has examined the comparative time commitment required for online versus faceto-face teaching, little is known about the distribution of faculty time investment into the various... More

    pp. 1-15