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Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia

August 2010 Volume 19, Number 3


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Whole versus Part Presentations of the Interactive 3D Graphics Learning Objects

    Nabil Azmy & Dina Ismaeel, Helwan University, Egypt

    The purpose of this study is to present an analysis of how the structure and design of the Interactive 3D Graphics Learning Objects can be effective and efficient in terms of Performance, Time on... More

    pp. 237-265

  2. Is Media Literacy Active or Passive?

    Zachary Brooks, University of Arizona, United States

    The ability to read and write, i.e. literacy, was once considered a trade secret by the professional scribes who depended on it for job security. The ability to read and write is still the most... More

    pp. 267-286

  3. Learning as Community Service: Thinking with New Media

    Janette Hughes, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada; George Gadanidis, University of Western Ontario, Canada

    This paper is exploratory in nature and our research goal is to develop a conceptualization of “learning as community service” in a new media context. The setting for the study is an after-school... More

    pp. 287-306

  4. Developing computer programming concepts and skills via technology-enriched language-art projects: A case study

    Young-Jin Lee, The University of Kansas, United States

    Teaching computer programming to young children has been considered difficult because of its abstract and complex nature. The objectives of this study are (1) to investigate whether an innovative... More

    pp. 307-326

  5. Using Scaffolds in Problem-based Hypermedia

    Yuyan Su, University of Phoenix, United States; James Klein, Arizona State University, United States

    This study investigated the use of scaffolds in problem-based hypermedia. Three hundred and twelve undergraduate students enrolled in a computer literacy course worked in project teams to use a... More

    pp. 327-347

  6. Podcasts: Are they an effective tool to enhance student learning? A Case Study

    Susan Vajoczki, Susan Watt, Nick Marquis & Katherine Holshausen, McMaster University, Canada

    As universities turn to technology to become more learner-centred and address challenges created by increasing class sizes, changing consumer expectations, and increasing numbers of disability... More

    pp. 349-362