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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

2009 Volume 5, Number 3


Luigi Colazzo

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 14

  1. Competence Management in e-Learning Systems: a possible approach

    Giuseppina Mangione, Francesco Orciuoli, Anna Pierri & Saverio Salerno, Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

    The need expressed by the single individual in a lifelong learning context is to have a personalized training able to facilitate the reaching of specifc competences, to take into account not only... More

  2. Role-taking for Knowledge Building in a Blended Learning course

    Paola Spadaro, Nadia Sansone & Maria Ligorio, Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy

    This paper focuses on role-taking effectiveness during blended learning activities. Two roles have been studied: the tutor, acting during forum-discussions, and the editor, in charge of supervising... More

    pp. 11-21

  3. Second Life Technological Transfer to Companies: the case study of the CC ICT- Sud Centre

    Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero & Genoveffa Tortora, Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

    Many well known international business organizations are interested in virtual worlds considered as a valid support to distance cooperation and training. This paper describes the Second Life... More

    pp. 23-32

  4. A formal instructional model based on Concept Maps

    Giovanni Adorni, Diego Brondo & Giuliano Vivanet, Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy

    The aim of this paper is to show a new model (under development by the E-Learning & Knowledge Management Laboratory at the University of Genoa) for designing and developing units of learning. The... More

    pp. 33-42

  5. New teaching models for the medical school of medicine: comparison between oral an online classes. The experience of the Genoa school of medicine

    Marco Frascio, Margherita Gervasoni, Fabrizio Lazzara, Francesca Mandolfino, Marco Noceti, Marco Sguanci & Gianni Vercelli, Università degli studi di Genova, Italy

    The authors have created and tested a tool for performing online classes (AulaWeb, online e-learning of the Genoa school of Medicine). Described here are the results obtained from the pilot project... More

    pp. 43-48

  6. Semantic Retrieval of Learning Objects with Schema Matching

    Beniamino Di Martino, Seconda Università di Napoli, Italy

    This article covers semantic methods and techniques based on semantic web technology (Berners-Lee et al., 2001) for content management in e-Learning platforms. The technique, and its prototypal... More

    pp. 49-58

  7. Lesson plan archiviation: metadata and Web 2.0 applications

    Serena Battigelli & Angela Sugliano, Università di Genova, Italy

    In the present article we illustrate the choices taken by the Italian EPICT Secretariat (European Pedagogical ICT License) in order to archive and share the lessons plans developed by EPICT... More

    pp. 59-67

  8. Online testing, current issues and future trends

    Gennaro Costagliola & Vittorio Fuccella, Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

    In this paper we analyze the state of art of the assessment of students’ knowledge through online tests. In particular, we describe the main functionalities currently implemented in the main... More

    pp. 79-90

  9. Advanced User Interfaces for e-Learning

    Luca Bevilacqua, Engineering.IT, Italy; Nicola Capuano & Annunziata Cascone, Università di Salerno, Italy; Federico Ceccarini & Fabio Corvino, Engineering.IT, Italy; Ciro D'Apice, Università di Salerno , Italy; Ivano De Furio, Giovanna Scafuro & Gianluca Supino, Engineering.IT, Italy

    This paper outlines an original approach to e-learning systems which integrates the most recent results in the feld of human-computer interaction. Notably it will show the applicability of... More

    pp. 91-99

  10. The development of a Mobile Communities Application

    Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari & Nicola Villa, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy

    The study describes the development of the mobile extensions of a virtual system community, result of the cooperation between the Laboratory of Maieutics of the University of Trento and the... More

    pp. 101-111

  11. Grid based software solutions to manage the lifecycle of collaborative learning environments

    Angelo Gaeta, Centro di Ricerca in Matematica Pura ed Applicata, Italy; Matteo Gaeta, Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy; Claudia Grieco, Centro di Ricerca in Matematica Pura ed Applicata, Italy; Stefano Paolozzi, Università Roma Tre, Italy

    In this paper the authors present two software solutions, developed in the context of the Business Experiment in GRID project (BEinGRID), and discuss on their applicability in the creation and... More

    pp. 113-121

  12. EifFE-L meets ECLIPSE: an integrated open source e-learning environment

    Giovanni Adorni, Mauro Coccoli & Lidia Stanganelli, Università di Genova , Italy; Paolo Maresca, Università di Napoli, Italy

    This work reports on the process of integration of the EifFE-L open source e-learning platform within the Eclipse open source development platform, with the aim to create an open framework for both... More

    pp. 123-131

  13. Learning a foreign language through the making of a video

    Tomaso Tiraboschi & Daniela Iovino, UNIBG, Italy

    This paper intends to present a case study on the use of new technologies for language teaching, which presents different cognitive aspects and positive effects for language learning. These effects... More

    pp. 133-137

  14. The VI SIe-L Conference sessions - Salerno September 16-18 2009

    Filomena Faiella & Giuseppina Mangione, UNISA, Italy

    pp. 139-143