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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Jun 18, 2018 Volume 14, Number 2


Luigi Colazzo

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Promoting Digital and Media Competences of pre- and in-Service Teachers. Research Findings of a Project from six European Countries

    Maria Ranieri & Isabella Bruni

    This paper presents the results of e-MEL, a European project aiming at promoting the development, implementation and testing of training scenarios for pre- and in-service teachers’ training in the ... More

  2. Teachers Induction and Digital Culture. The case of Southern Italy Teachers attending TFA

    Fedela Loperfido, Anna Dipace, Katia Caposeno, Alessia Scarinci & Jarmo Viteli

    This paper aims at describing one of the possible Italian teachers induction paths, which is called “TFA”. Then, we grasp how Southern Italy participants in a TFA course aimed at educate to teach... More

  3. Management of Novice Teachers' Induction to the Profession: Modernization of the Russian School Methodological System

    Roza Valeeva, Tatyana Baklashova & Liliya Latypova

    The current context of general education in Russia is distinguished by the availability of programs ensuring the development of human resources potential in educational institutions. Particular... More

  4. Heritage Education and Initial Teacher Training: an International Experience

    Antonella Poce, Francesco Agrusti & Maria Re

    The great interest and debate on teachers 21st century skills development is closely connected with a “new” approach to education and learning which inevitably affects the present and the future of... More

  5. Model for Measuring the Implementation of Online Programs in Higher Education

    Diana Cardona-Román, Jenny Sánchez-Torres & Josep Duart

    This study presents the results of expert judgment assessment of a model to measure the implementation of online programs in higher education. Online education is an innovative approach that has... More

  6. Governing a State-wide Induction Program: Characteristics and Success Conditions of the Italian Model

    Davide D'Amico, Giuseppina Mangione & Maria Pettenati

    Starting from the EC Handbook conditions issued in 2010 (Conditions for successful induction Programs) and from a critical and in-depth reading of the induction governance model in Italy and its... More

  7. Designing an effective and scientifically grounded e-learning environment for Initial Teacher Education: the Italian University Line Model

    Fausto Benedetti

    Online didactics for adults has to meet the needs of an audience with peculiar constraints and goals. In particular, within a constructivist and connectionist perspective, it has to ensure the... More

  8. From Educational Contexts to Addictions: the Role of Technology in Teaching Methodologies and in Prevention as an Educational Function

    Giusi Toto

    Among the effects of neoliberalism, the diffusion of technologies, in negative the advance of individualism on the sense of community, is to be pointed out. Learning and cognition processes are... More

  9. Initial Teacher Training and the National Plan for Digital Education (NOP - ESF)

    Samuele Calzone, Rosa Di Gioia & Valentina Pappalardo

    This paper focuses on new teachers who attended the Italian National Plan for Digital Education (NPDE) training courses between 2015 and 2017. Started in 2016, the NPDE was further developed thanks... More

  10. Initial Teacher Education and Learning English at Primary School in Tuscany: Creative Perspectives, Current Challenges, and Possible Approaches

    Elizabeth Guerin

    This paper considers important contributions from language teaching and learning literature, so as to identify current challenges and issues related to initial teacher education in the preparation ... More

  11. Education for Diversity in Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes: a Comparative International Study

    Maria Cardona, Renata Tichà & Brian Abery

    Despite the growing diversity in school polulation, many teacher educators fail incorporating diversity-related content into the courses they teach. As a result, numerous preservice teachers lack... More

  12. Online TESOL Teacher Education: outcome of a Pilot Project

    Serafina Filice & Deana Bardetti

    The increasing use of English throughout the world has seen the growth of career opportunities for teachers of English as a second language (ESL). In fact, there is a widespread demand for teachers... More