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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Sep 30, 2017 Volume 13, Number 3


Luigi Colazzo

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Number of articles: 12

  1. MOOCs and Soft Skills: a comparison of different courses on Creativity

    Maria Cinque

    The development of soft skills in undergraduate students is a key factor to ensure an effective transition from university to the labour market. The eLene4work project, carried out between 2014 and... More

  2. Metacognition in the e-learning environment: a successful proposition for Inclusive Education

    Giovanna Berizzi, Eugenia Di Barbora & Maddalena Vulcani

    Locus of Control is a specific mode in which each individual identifies the causes that determine an event and therefore their own successes and failures. The internal attribution style is based on... More

  3. MOOC Design and Heritage Education. Developing Soft and Work-based Skills in Higher Education Students

    Francesco Agrusti, Antonella Poce & Maria Re

    The present paper describes one of the pilot activities foreseen by the Erasmus+ project DICHE (Digital Innovation in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning). The... More

  4. Social Research Methods 2.0: e-learning design

    Maria Catone & Paolo Diana

    Starting from a reflection on the aims and learning outcomes of the undergraduate course on social research methods and an analysis of the entry level skills of students, especially related to the ... More

  5. Developing Critical Thinking in online search

    Corrado Petrucco & Cinzia Ferranti

    Digital skills especially those related to Information Literacy, are today considered fundamental to the education of students, both at school and at university. Searching and evaluating... More

  6. Open Platform of self-paced MOOCs for the continual improvement of Academic Guidance and Knowledge Strengthening in Tertiary Education

    Alice Barana, Alessandro Bogino, Michele Fioravera, Marina Marchisio & Sergio Rabellino

    In the academic year 2014/2015, University of XXX started the Project Orient@mente , aimed to support students in the transition from high school to university. Several Massive Open Online Courses ... More

  7. Advanced e-learning for IT-Army officers through Virtual Learning Eenvironments

    Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino, Enrico Spinello & Gianluca Torbidone

    In this work we will present and discuss the joint experience of the IT-Army Education and Training Command and School of Applied Military Studies of Turin and the University of Turin, that worked ... More

  8. Peer assessment to promote Deep Learning and to reduce a Gender Gap in the Traditional Introductory Programming Course

    Antonella Carbonaro & Mirko Ravaioli

    Peer assessment mechanism is becoming increasingly important in different computer programming courses to give students opportunities to learn from each other, to improve the learning experience... More

  9. The issue - Vol. 13, n.3, 2017

    Nicola Villa

  10. Are Computer Adaptive Tests suitable for assessment in MOOCs

    Veronica Rossano, Enrica Pesare & Teresa Roselli

    Assessment is one of the basic issues in both formal and informal educational contexts. Current online courses are massive and online, thus it is important to find new strategies for improve the... More

  11. Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model and Collaborative Learning in Childhood Teaching University Degree

    Ana Ortiz Colon, Inés Muñoz Galiano & María Colmenero-Ruiz

    This study presents the applications of the flipped classroom model (JITT) as an emergent didactic strategy with two groups of students in Childhood Teaching Degree, using the methodology of... More

  12. A Learning Analytics Tool for Usability Assessment in Moodle Environments

    Gianni Fenu, Mirko Marras & Massimiliano Meles

    The use of analytics technologies is increasingly successful in the e-learning domain. In this paper, we propose a novel model aiming at evaluating usability of interfaces adopted by Learning... More