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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

May 29, 2017 Volume 13, Number 2


Luigi Colazzo

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. A model for Users Behavior Analysis and Forecasting in Moodle

    Mario Manzo

    The learning process, among its different phases, involves monitoring of users behaviour in order to extract knowledge. Details about users have significant weight to understand the interests and... More

  2. Learning from decades of online distance education: MOOCs and the Community of Inquiry framework

    Dodzi Amemado & Stefania Manca

    Despite their growing popularity, there are many contradictory arguments between supporters and detractors of MOOCs. Nevertheless, the advent of mass-scale online courses is increasingly credited... More

  3. Approach to Study as an Indicator of the Quality of Teaching and of Learning Environment: the contribution of John Biggs

    Massimiliano Barattucci

    This review investigates the contribution of John Biggs in playing an important role within learning research and educational system quality. Schools and Universities have gradually structured... More