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Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

January 2006 Volume 25, Number 1


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Equations with Parameters: A Locus Approach

    Sergei Abramovich, State University of New York at Potsdam, United States; Anderson Norton, Indiana University, United States

    This paper introduces technology-based teaching ideas that facilitate the development of qualitative reasoning techniques in the context of quadratic equations with parameters. It reflects on... More

    pp. 5-28

  2. An Enhanced Studio Physics Model: Which Technologies are Productive?

    Gregory MacKinnon, School of Education, Acadia University, Canada; Peter Williams, Physics Depart ment, Acadia University, Canada

    The notion of problem-based physics laboratories enhanced by computer technology has been coined ?studio physics? (Wilson, 1994) and has been practised at various institutions for some time ... More

    pp. 29-40

  3. Fostering Mathematical Discourse in Online Asynchronous Discussions: An Analysis of Instructor Interventions

    Linda Simonsen & Jeff Banfield, Montana State University, United States

    The purpose of this paper is to describe a typology of instructor discourse interventions to enhance mathematical discourse in online asynchronous discussions in a statistics for teachers' course. ... More

    pp. 41-75

  4. Factors that encourage or inhibit computer use for secondary mathematics teaching

    Helen Forgasz, Monash University, Australia

    Included in contemporary mathematics curricula is the expectation that mathematics teachers will use technology - computers and calculators - in their classrooms. It is widely believed in... More

    pp. 77-93