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Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

July 2005 Volume 24, Number 3


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Student perceptions of the web-based homework program WeBWorK in moderate enrollment college algebra classes

    Shandy Hauk, U. of Northern Colorado, United States; Angelo Segalla, California State University, Long Beach, United States

    Twelve of 19 college algebra classes used WeBWorK and 7 used traditional paper and pencil homework (PPH). Given the earlier quantitative result that no significant difference in performance between... More

    pp. 229-253

  2. Reducing Abstraction when Learning Graph Theory

    Orit Hazzan & Irit Hadar, Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

    The article presents research on students' understanding of basic concepts in Graph Theory. Students' understanding is analyzed through the lens of the theoretical framework of reducing abstraction... More

    pp. 255-272

  3. E-books plus: Role of interactive visuals in exploration of mathematical information and e-learning

    Sonja Rowhani & Kamran Sedig, Cognitive Engineering Laboratory, University of Western Ontario, Canada

    E-books promise to become a wide-spread delivery mechanism for educational resources. However, current e-books do not take full advantage of the power of computing tools. In particular, interaction... More

    pp. 273-298

  4. Math in motion: Using CBRs to enact functions

    Despina Stylianou & Beverly Smith, City College, The City University of New York, United States; James J. Kaput, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, United States

    This paper reports on results of an exploratory study on undergraduate pre-service teachers' understanding of graphical representations of motion functions. The study described pre-service teachers... More

    pp. 299-324