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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

April 2004 Volume 20, Number 2


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Increasing Interactivity in Lectures Using an Electronic Voting System

    S W. Draper & M I. Brown

    An overview of the experience of the opening two years of an institution-wide project in introducing electronic voting equipment for lectures is presented. Eight different departments and a wide... More

    pp. 81-94

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  2. Using an Electronic Voting System in Logic Lectures: One Practitioner's Application

    S A. J. Stuart, M I. Brown & S W. Draper

    This paper reports the introduction of electronic handsets, like those used on the television show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? into the teaching of philosophical logic. Logic lectures can... More

    pp. 95-102

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  3. Concept Mapping Your Web Searches: A Design Rationale and Web-Enabled Application

    Y-J Lee

    Although it has become very common to use World Wide Web-based information in many educational settings, there has been little research on how to better search and organize Web-based information.... More

    pp. 103-113

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  4. Evaluating System-Based Strategies for Managing Conflict in Collaborative Concept Mapping

    C-H Chiu

    This study examined the influence of various conflict management mechanisms embedded into computer-supported collaborative concept mapping systems on the behaviour and learning of elementary... More

    pp. 124-132

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  5. In Search of Online Pedagogical Models: Investigating a Paradigm Change in Teaching through the School for All Community

    S S.-C. Young

    Following a preliminary evaluation of the Web-mediated School for All in 2002, this study further examines the online teacher role and explores the possible pedagogical models in this Web-based... More

    pp. 133-150

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  6. Cognitive, Social, Motivational and Health Aspects of Students in Laptop Classrooms

    Michael Trimmel & Julia Bachmann

    Effects on cognitive performance, social atmosphere, communication, motivation and aspects of strain were investigated when laptops were integrated in classrooms. According to a quasi-experimental ... More

    pp. 151-158

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