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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

2002 Volume 18, Number 4


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Qualitative Case Studies of Innovative Pedagogical Practices Using ICT

    Robert B. Kozma & Ronald E. Anderson

    Describes the Second Instructional Technology in Education Study: Module 2 (SITES M2), a series of qualitative studies that identify and describes innovative pedagogical practices in 28... More

    pp. 387-94

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  2. The Influence of IT: Perspectives from Five Australian Schools

    John Ainley, D Banks & M Fleming

    Examines the ways in which information and communication technologies (ICT) influence teaching and learning in five Australian elementary and secondary schools. Describes studies where ICT was the ... More

    pp. 395-404

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  3. Models of Pedagogical Implementation of ICT in Israeli Schools

    David Mioduser, R Nachmias, D Tubin & A Forkosh-Baruch

    Analyzes the data collected in 10 elementary and secondary schools in Israel which have incorporated ICT (information and communication technology) in unique ways and have succeeded in devising... More

    pp. 405-14

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  4. Practice Characteristics that Lead to 21st Century Learning Outcomes

    Nancy Law, Y Lee & A Chow

    Describes a study in Hong Kong elementary and secondary schools that investigated whether innovative teaching practices that used ICT (information and communication technology) would lead to... More

    pp. 415-26

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  5. The Role of ICT as a Promoter of Students' Cooperation

    Renate Schultz-Zander, A Buchter & R Dalmer

    Analyzes student cooperation identified in cases of IPPUTs (innovative pedagogical practice using technology) in German elementary and secondary schools, part of the Second Information Technology... More

    pp. 438-48

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  6. Innovative Pedagogical Practices Using ICT in Schools in England

    Susan Harris

    Presents information about the case studies carried out in three primary and three secondary schools in England that were part of the Second Information Technology in Education Study (SITES),... More

    pp. 449-58

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  7. Innovative Uses of ICT in Chilean Schools

    J E. Hinostroza, A Guzman & S Isaacs

    Presents results of seven case studies of innovative pedagogical practices using ICT (information and communication technology) in Chile, conducted as part of the SITES (Second Information... More

    pp. 459-69

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  8. Factors Contributing to Teachers' Successful Implementation of IT

    Colette A. Granger, M L. Morbey, H Lotherington, R D. Owston & H H. Wideman

    Discusses case studies of four Canadian schools that investigated successful ICT (information and communication technology) implementation. Highlights include just-in-time learning; supportive and ... More

    pp. 480-88

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  9. Contributions of Professional Community to Exemplary Use of ICT

    Sara Dexter, K R. Seashore & R E. Anderson

    Discusses the relationship between professional community and the effective use of ICT (information and communication technology), based on case studies at elementary and secondary schools in the... More

    pp. 489-97

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