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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

2002 Volume 18, Number 1


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Attitudes Affecting College Students' Preferences for Distance Learning

    Yaacov J. Katz

    Describes a study of undergraduates in Israel that examined the relationship between two distance learning ICT (information and communication technology)-based configurations. Results indicate that... More

    pp. 2-9

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  2. The Effect of Questioning on Concept Learning within a Hypertext System

    Paul A Howard-Jones & R J. Martin

    Reports on two studies of student teachers that investigated the effect of asking learners to answer questions when learning in a hypertext environment. Discusses effects on concept learning from... More

    pp. 10-20

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  3. The Effects of Mediation in Computer Assisted Dynamic Assessment

    David Tzuriel & A Shamir

    Examined the effects of computer-assisted dynamic assessment on cognitive performance of kindergarten students as compared to dynamic assessment with an examiner. Findings revealed that... More

    pp. 21-32

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  4. Using Technology in Higher Education: An Activity Theory Perspective

    Kim Issroff & E Scanlon

    Describes the application of activity theory to considerations of enhancing learning through the use of technology in higher education. Includes two case studies that explore the use of ICT ... More

    pp. 77-83

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