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Italian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2002 Volume 10, Number 1


Donatella Persico; Stefania Manca; Francesca Pozzi

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. From communities of practice to virtual learning communities

    Vittorio Midoro

    Computer networks now make it possible to create virtual environments and cooperative learning and 'this is the real news' made by the world of electronic distance learning. More

    p. 3

  2. Comunit virtuali per l'apprendimento e nuove tecnologie

    Stefania Manca & Luigi Sarti

    Communities' virtual learning are of particular interest now in training as they seem to definitively establish a theoretical and methodological paradigm shift. The constructivist idea has, in fact... More

    p. 11

  3. The Strada project: a case of distance education in universities

    Fabrizio Ballor, Stefano Boca & Stefano Ruggieri

    Analisi di un progetto di formazione misto distanza/presenza e degli studi di validita' su di esso applicati. More

    p. 20

  4. La valutazione nella formazione a distanza: un barlume all'orizzonte

    Fabrizio Ballor, Stefano Boca & Stefano Ruggieri

    An analysis of the problem of evaluation of distance learning in three parts: the first purely theoretical, the second drawing on the theoretical model for the construction of an empirical... More

    p. 29

  5. Building maps to search the web: the method Sewcom

    Corrado Petrucco

    Seeking information on the Internet is becoming a necessity 'at school, at work and in every social sphere. Unfortunately the difficulties' inherent in the use of search engines and the use of... More

    p. 37

  6. The role of teachers on the online training platform run by INDIRE (BDP)

    Raffaele Mazzella

    An experience of training support network, with particular characteristics. He and 'measure is very broad, involving all the Italian schools and involved teachers who had chosen to use the network ... More

    p. 49

  7. The use of educational technology in learning foreign languages

    Marco Jacopino

    Reflections on the relationship between Educational Technology and learning of foreign languages, highlighting the need to revise and rethink the role of TD in language teaching. More

    p. 55

  8. Un giornalino scolastico realizzato da ragazzi Down

    Lucia Ferlino

    Questa rubrica riporta un'esperienza nell'uso dell'informatica per favorire l'inclusione di studenti disabili attraverso la realizzazione di un giornalino scolastico da parte di ragazzi Down. More

    p. 59

  9. Che cosa fa ESSEDIQUADRO per aiutare nella scelta del software?

    Michela Ott

    Description of services available at ESSEDIQUADRO ( for a broad variety of educational software. More

    p. 62