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TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning

September 2013 Volume 57, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Educational Technologists: Leading Change for a New Paradigm of Education

    Sinem Aslan & Charles M. Reigeluth

    The transition from the industrial age to the information age has happened and is still happening in our society (Duffy, 2009). However, our current educational systems still operate based on the... More

    pp. 18-24

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  2. Whither Thee, Educational Technology? Suggesting a Critical Expansion of Our Epistemology for Emerging Leaders

    Eugene G. Kowch

    It is possible that some outdated ideas about "management" in our field are constraining our preparation of new educational technologists to lead education organizations in the Knowledge ... More

    pp. 25-34

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  3. Exploding the Ivory Tower: Systemic Change for Higher Education

    William R. Watson & Sunnie Lee Watson

    Higher education faces increasing pressures to change to better meet the needs of modern society. Systemic change applies systems thinking and systems theory to change a complex system to a new... More

    pp. 42-46

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  4. Ratings, Quality, and Accreditation: Policy Implications for Educational Communications and Technology Programs in a Digital Age

    Ellen S. Hoffman

    At a time when higher education is being pushed not only to increase efficiencies to provide greater value and to innovate to meet new global challenges, processes of accountability and... More

    pp. 47-54

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  5. Leading Change and Innovation in Teacher Preparation: A Blueprint for Developing TPACK Ready Teacher Candidates

    Tommye Thomas, Mary Herring, Pamela Redmond & Sharon Smaldino

    When preparing TPACK ready teacher candidates, faculty must incorporate and model TPACK within the teacher education curriculum, which often requires an ongoing change process. But for change to... More

    pp. 55-63

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  6. One Educational Technology Colleague's Journey from Dotcom Leadership to University E-Learning Systems Leadership: Merging Design Principles, Systemic Change and Leadership Thinking

    Anthony S. Chow

    This paper describes my journey from instructional technology professional and doctoral student to instructional technology leader and tenure-track faculty member. I reflect on 15 years of... More

    pp. 64-73

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  7. Personal Leadership in Practice: A Critical Approach to Instructional Design Innovation Work

    Marcia L. Ashbaugh

    An argument is made in this article for a link between leadership and innovation, when innovation is an outcome of the work approaches and practices that underpin an educational technologist's... More

    pp. 74-82

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