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TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning

2004 Volume 48, Number 6

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Building Learning Communities with Distance Learning Instruction

    Janell D. Wilson, Sheila A. Cordry & Nina King

    With the expansion and continued development of computer technology, a new world of educational opportunities is opening up via on-line distance learning. While distance learning is far from new,... More

    pp. 20-23

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  2. Using the Internet Effectively for Advocacy in Health Education

    William T. Hey, Mark A. Temple & Donna B. Hey

    In the simplest of terms, the Internet is a tool for communication from one computer to another (Gray & Cao, 2000; Saha, 1998). When thought of as a tool, the usefulness of this network of networks... More

    pp. 24-28

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  3. Online Versus On-Campus Instruction: Student Attitudes & Perceptions

    Lawrence A. Beard, Cynthia Harper & Gena Riley

    Online instruction is quickly becoming a trend in university classroom instruction. Many of these classes are established without proper input from students. The purpose of this study was to... More

    pp. 29-31

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  4. Creating an Effective Online Distance Education Program Using Targeted Support Factors

    Sherri L. Restauri

    Higher education has experienced a tremendous growth in interest in distance education (DE) on the part of the administration, faculty and student populations throughout recent years as changes in ... More

    pp. 32-39

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  5. Using Technology to Develop a High School Career Awareness Workshop: The REACH Program

    Kathleen Friery & J Gordon Nelson

    This article describes a collaborative project between business and industry, local school systems and Jacksonville State University (Jacksonville, Alabama). This project resulted in a new... More

    pp. 40-42

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  6. Improving Transition Behavior in Students with Disabilities Using a Multimedia Personal Development Program: Check and Connect

    Sue E. Hoppe

    This article evaluates Check and Connect (Hoppe & Bray, 2000), a computer-assisted learning program funded by a competitive subgrant under the "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B" (... More

    pp. 43-46

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  7. Assistive Technology at Use in the Teacher Education Programs at Jacksonville State University

    Gena Riley, Lawrence A. Beard & Jennifer Strain

    In this article, the authors discuss a number of new technologies that have emerged to support and enhance learning in public schools. Many of these technologies are not utilized to replace... More

    pp. 47-49

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  8. Technology at the "Center for Two Learners"

    Delisa Dismukes, Sondra Yarbrough, Marsha Zenanko & Mike Zenanko

    In this paper, an early component of the teacher education practicum program in the College of Education and Professional Studies at Jacksonville State University is described. This program... More

    pp. 50-52

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  9. Using Internet Assessment Tools for Health and Physical Education Instruction

    Roland Thornburg & Kory Hill

    The issue of obesity and overweight adolescents has saturated media reports and newspapers as of late. Schools offer a unique environment to make an impact in the area of fitness in that they can... More

    pp. 53-55

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  10. School Library Website Components

    Odin Jurkowski

    School library websites are a necessity. The earliest adopters have now had almost 10 years for development and redesign. Many sites have gone through numerous iterations with major improvements... More

    pp. 56-60

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