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E-Learning and Digital Media

2013 Volume 10, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. What's Educational about Open Educational Resources? Different Theoretical Lenses for Conceptualizing Learning with OER

    Stefanie Panke & Tina Seufert

    In the last decade, the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) has gained an undeniable momentum. However, it is an easy trap to confuse download and registration rates with actual learning... More

    pp. 116-134

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  2. "It's Not Their Job to Share Content": A Case Study of the Role of Senior Students in Adapting Teaching Materials as Open Educational Resources at the University of Cape Town

    Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams & Michael Paskevicius

    Inspired by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's landmark decision to make its teaching and learning materials freely available to the public as OpenCourseWare (OCW), many other higher ... More

    pp. 135-147

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  3. Researching Resistance to Open Education Resource Contribution: An Activity Theory Approach

    Glenda Cox

    Higher education and associated institutions are beginning to share teaching materials known as Open Educational Resources (OER) or open courseware across the globe. Their success depends largely... More

    pp. 148-160

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  4. Learning and Open Educational Resources: A Psychological Perspective

    Melody M. Terras, Judith Ramsay & Elizabeth Boyle

    The provision of Open Educational Resources (OER) means that learning horizons are no longer restricted by time and space. However, if the learning potential of OER is to be fully realised,... More

    pp. 161-173

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  5. From Learning in Coffee Houses to Learning with Open Educational Resources

    Sandra Peter & Lesley Farrell

    What is "open" about Open Educational Resources? How does education become "open" when it is removed from the institutional housing of the school or the university and develops ... More

    pp. 174-189

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  6. Open Education and "Bildung" as Kindred Spirits

    Markus Deimann

    Among the most important of the tremendous changes that have been taken place in teaching and learning throughout recent years has been a move towards 'openness' in education. This... More

    pp. 190-199

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  7. "Open Learning 2.0"? Aligning Student, Teacher and Content for Openness in Education

    Norm Friesen & Judith Murray

    The mission of Thompson Rivers University Open Learning (TRU-OL) can be understood in terms of three entities: the student, the faculty member and the curriculum content. Their conjuncture--when a ... More

    pp. 200-207

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