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Educational Research Review

January 2013 Volume 8, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Recasting transfer as a socio-personal process of adaptable learning

    Stephen Billett

    Transfer is usually cast as an educational, rather than learning, problem. Yet, seeking to adapt what individuals know from one circumstance to another is a process more helpfully associated with... More

    pp. 5-13

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  2. Gaining insight to transfer of training through the lens of social psychology

    Silke Weisweiler, Alexandra Nikitopoulos, Janine Netzel & Dieter Frey

    The article deals with the question under which conditions people change their behavior through vocational trainings or not. Following the demand of more theory-driven investigations in transfer... More

    pp. 14-27

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  3. The effect of training on productivity: The transfer of on-the-job training from the perspective of economics

    Andries De Grip & Jan Sauermann

    Although the transfer of on-the-job training to the workplace belongs to the realm of educational research, it is also highly related to labour economics. In the economic literature, the transfer... More

    pp. 28-36

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  4. Transfer of training: Adding insight through social network analysis

    Piet Van den Bossche & Mien Segers

    This article reviews studies which apply a social network perspective to examine transfer of training. The theory behind social networks focuses on the interpersonal mechanisms and social... More

    pp. 37-47

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  5. Influencing variables and moderators of transfer of learning to the workplace within the area of staff development in higher education: Research review

    Catherine De Rijdt, Ann Stes, Cees van der Vleuten & Filip Dochy

    The goal of staff development in higher education is a change in teacher practices to positively influence student learning. In other words, the goal of staff development is the transfer of... More

    pp. 48-74

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  6. Effects of computer support, collaboration, and time lag on performance self-efficacy and transfer of training: A longitudinal meta-analysis

    Andreas Gegenfurtner, Koen Veermans & Marja Vauras

    This meta-analysis (29 studies, More

    pp. 75-89

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  7. Extending, broadening and rethinking existing research on transfer of training

    Simone Volet

    pp. 90-95

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  8. Marathon running, accreditation of study programmes and professional development in consultancies: Are they all about the same? A cognitive perspective on transfer of training

    Hans Gruber

    pp. 96-101

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