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Educational Research Review

May 2016 Volume 18, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Mindfulness-based meditation to decrease stress and anxiety in college students: A narrative synthesis of the research

    Mandy D. Bamber & Joanne Kraenzle Schneider

    The primary purpose of this paper was to narratively review the research testing the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and anxiety in the college students; reviewing the inclusion of... More

    pp. 1-32

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  2. Thematic review of approaches to design group learning activities in higher education: The development of a comprehensive framework

    Miranda de Hei, The Hague University of Applied Sciences; Jan-Willem Strijbos, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany; Ellen Sjoer, The Hague University of Applied Sciences; Wilfried Admiraal, Leiden University

    Group Learning Activities (GLAs) are a key ingredient of course designs in higher education. Various approaches for designing GLAs have been developed, featuring different design components.... More

    pp. 33-45

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  3. Do the benefits of chess instruction transfer to academic and cognitive skills? A meta-analysis

    Giovanni Sala & Fernand Gobet

    In recent years, pupils' poor achievement in mathematics has been a concern in many Western countries. Chess instruction has been proposed as one way to remedy this state of affairs, as well as... More

    pp. 46-57

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  4. Gender differences between faculty members in higher education: A literature review of selected higher education journals

    Mamen Gómez Cama, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Spain; Manuel Larrán Jorge & Francisco Javier Andrades Peña, Faculty of Business Studies, Spain

    Gender issues in higher educational institutions have attracted increasing levels of attention from researchers in recent decades. As a result, many studies have called for greater gender equity... More

    pp. 58-69

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  5. Integrating teacher education effectiveness research into educational effectiveness models

    Jaap Scheerens, University of Twente, Netherlands; Sigrid Blömeke, University of Oslo, Norway

    The purpose of this article is to review and to connect research about teacher education effectiveness and school effectiveness to arrive at an integrative conceptualization that has the potential ... More

    pp. 70-87

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  6. Literacy and language outcomes of comprehensive and developmental-constructivist approaches to early childhood education: A systematic review

    Bette Chambers, University of York, United Kingdom; Alan C.K. Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China; Robert E. Slavin, Johns Hopkins University, United States

    This systematic review of research on early childhood programs seeks to identify effective approaches capable of improving literacy and language outcomes for preschoolers. It applies consistent... More

    pp. 88-111

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